7 Reasons To Use Digital Apps In Order To Become Better Writer

7 Reasons to Use Digital Apps in Order to Become Better Writer

So you like writing and want to upgrade your skills? A lot of tools are there to help you create better texts. Some of them can immediately improve your work. Others can provide you with more pleasant writing experience. Many of them can teach you to craft excellent articles with time.

If you’re used to more traditional ways of work and don’t understand how technology can enhance the working process, here’re 7 reasons to give new approach a try. Whether you’re a student or someone who makes your living by writing like academic authors from, you may benefit from the apps designed specifically for people who write.

Better Note-Taking And Brainstorming

Choosing the article topic or developing the plot isn’t so time-consuming with the following apps.


There’s an exercise for coming up with story ideas. You write random words on pieces of paper, place them in a hat, and then pull one out. Brainsparker is the digital analog of that exercise. It has 250 creative thinking prompt cards. It’s a mix of trigger words, quotes, questions, images, and actions. Use the app for overcoming blocks and brainstorming.

Inkflow’s Digital Notebook

This app is perfect for visual learners. From the moment you open Inkflow, you’ll know exactly what to do and how to use its powerful features. Draw and write your ideas as easily as with a pan and a paper, add photos and graphics, and then resize and reorganize them with your fingers. Employ digital notebook for brainstorming article pitches or making outlines for your academic writing assignments.

More Productive Research

Finding valuable information for your article is key. 

Papers 3 – Reference Manager

This app is a portable library. Its developers claim to offer a revolutionary way of research. Find, organize, read, share and sync your research papers anytime and anywhere! Paper 3 conducts a simultaneous search from more than 20 repositories, such as Google Scholar, PubMed, and ArXiv. Referencing is no longer a problem for the app’s users. 


This feature-rich academic paper research app is a complement to the Questia free membership. It searches necessary information in a library that contains over 83,000 academic books and 10 million articles from the world’s best publishers. To know more about the app’s features, visit website.

Enriched vocabulary

Good writers are able to choose the right words at the right time. 

Reverse Dictionary

For the moments when you have a word on your mind but can’t remember it, there’s a free tool that won’t let you waste your time on overthinking. Type the concept into the search bar of OneLook Reverse Dictionary, and it will generate a list of related words and phrases. You can describe the concept in a few words or a sentence. Keep it short to receive the best results.

You may like other dictionary apps like Merriam-Webster Dictionary, and Oxford Dictionary of English. If you’re studying a foreign language and are often assigned to write essays, use Dictionary Linguee. It supports Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and other languages.

Well-Organized Writing Process

Being in control of your own writing process is particularly useful when you find yourself struggling with a tricky piece.


Scrivener is known as a complete writing studio. It unites everything you need for your work in one place. Writers, students, academics, journalists, translators, and other people who write choose Scrivener. The list of features is too long to place it here. Download this app and change your writing experience. 


This outlining tool helps writers to plan their stories in a simple drag-and-drop text editor. You create searchable, tagged cards and then organize them and place into the outline, add headings, subheadings, and more.

Error-Free Documents

It goes without saying that any written piece should be devoid of mistakes.

Grammar Check Free will correct your content from grammatical mistakes. It will also help you improve the readability by rephrasing suggestions, detecting repeated words, and more. 


This web-based app is developed to improve the texts’ readability. If you overdo with passive voice, adverbs, or complex sentences, The Hemingway app will be useful for you. It identifies the problems that may reduce the clarity of the text. Fixing them increases the reading level of your work.


To avoid mistakes in referencing, install EasyBib. It has an accurate citation generator that will guarantee the perfect bibliography.

Boosted Focus

A distraction-free environment is favorable for any work. You know how important it is to stay focused. Your productivity increases and you’re able to write a good essay, blog post, or short story. 


ZenPen is a wonderful web-based tool also known as a “minimalist writing zone”. It offers users a blank writing space where they can type or copy and paste their content.

The app supports basic formatting like bold, italics, quotes, and links. It’s possible to set a word count target and save the document in HTML or plain text when you’re done.

Quabel Writer

It’s another web-based app. Just like ZenPen, Quabel Writer leaves no excessive clutter on the screen. The tool has such features as night mode, word count, and a timer. If you have an account, your work will automatically be saved as you leave, meaning you won’t lose your article.

Strong Inspiration

When you don’t feel like writing your academic paper or blog post, you start looking for inspiration. That’s where apps come in. 


Unstuck is a sort of a diary or a therapist. It helps you realize why you’re stuck and provide tips to overcome the challenges. All you have to do is to answer the questions like “Are you ricocheting between choices?” or “Why can’t you see your plan clearly?”.


With this cool app, you’ll be able to create custom text layouts. Choose the quote that motivates you (or create your own), add a background image, and it is ready! You can print it out and hang it on the wall.

All in all, we should take advantage of what writer’s apps can offer. They make our work easier so that we can spend our time on meaningful things that make us happy.

Michelle Brooks is the independent writer. She guest blogs about e-learning, education and career. In her spare time, Michelle writes short stories.

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