The 10 Best Portable Batteries For Your MacBook

 The 10 Best Portable Batteries For Your MacBook

The MacBook

When I am looking for “great laptops ” MacBook comes first in my mind.
One of the best qualities of a MacBook is the solid battery life. This can be jeopardized if the user is required to move a lot. The MacBook should never be left plugged in for substantial lengths of time because this will noticeably shorten the life of the battery.

Individuals used to travel a lot with their MacBook’s understand it can be incredibly difficult to find a power source when the battery is running low. This is when a portable battery becomes so important.

The Portable Battery

The portable battery provides power to laptops in a similar fashion to tablets and smartphones receiving power from a power bank. This provides the user with a constant source of power. The portable batteries are light, compact, and very easy to take from place to place.

For anyone in need of an external power pack to ensure their MacBook can be used when most needed, there are ten excellent battery backups. The details of each one are detailed below, but it is important for the potential users to realize most of them do not include the Apple MagSafe connector. This must be purchased separately.

The Mobile Freedom External Laptop Battery

This battery pack contains a lithium battery and it can easily charge the majority of laptops. This is a 130Wh battery and is compatible with the MacBook. The average MacBook will run for three hours on the battery, and the Mobile Freedom extends this by an additional nine hours. This is an excellent choice for the user who needs to charge not only the MacBook but other laptops as well. The average price of this battery pack is $199.99.

The Hyperjuice 1.5

The Hyperjuice 1.5 has been specifically designed so all MacBook’s are supported. This includes the models with a retina display. This battery is equipped with two 12w USB ports. This gives the user the ability to charge a LED light indicators with 4-stages, and additional USB devices.

Multiple devices can easily be charged simultaneously. There are four different capacities available on the Hyperjuice 1.5. This includes 61,000mAh, or 222Wh, 41,000mAh, or 150Wh, 27,000mAh, or 100Wh and 16,000mAh, or 60Wh. There is a wide price fluctuation for this battery ranging from $299.95 to $399.95.

The Energizer XP18000 Universal AC Adapter

An external battery is included with this AC adapter. This will effectively double the run time of the MacBook’s. The battery weighs in at only sixteen ounces for easy portability. This adapter has enough power to simultaneously charge three separate devices.

Short circuit protection has been built-in so the external battery can be charged with additional safety. Six extra hours of battery life are provided by the capacity of the 18,000mAh battery. The Magsafe connector is required to charge a MacBook and is not included in the package. The average price is $164.99.

The GreatShield LuminousPower External Battery Pack

This external battery pack has a 7800mAh capacity and was specifically designed to be easily moved between locations. The battery will not over-heat or charge to a damaging level due to the short-circuit prevention feature included with the battery pack. The status of the charge and battery level are clearly shown with a series of LED lights.

A dual-LED flashlight has been included and works well as a torchlight when necessary. The Samsung lithium-ion battery powers the GreatShield, and the expectancy is more than 500 charging cycles. The average pricing is $129.99.

The 12/16/19-100 External Battery Pack

This battery pack has been designed to accommodate both the MacBook and laptops with a battery capacity of 100Wh. This pack provides additional run time for a period of four to six hours. The running voltage is either 12v, 16v or 19v, and this is indicated by the LED and the battery life indicators.

The weight of the battery is only 1.8 pounds, so it is easy to transport from place to place as a backup battery. Most USB devices can be charged using this external battery pack. The average price is $199.99.

The 52,800mAH Ultimate External Battery For MacBook’s

This battery has multi-voltage capabilities to provide power to the MacBook for days. This has a range of 9v to 20v, and 2 iPads can be charged simultaneously with the two USB ports. Multiple safety system protection has been included so the user can safely share their MacBook.

The smart display shows the voltage currently being used and the remaining power. This feature is located in the center of the body. The average price is $449.95.

The ChugPlug

The ChugPlug is the perfect solution for any MacBook user not wanting to be constantly connected to a power outlet. The 13 inch MacBook Pro and MacBook air are powered and charged using the MacBook’s existing cables. The base of the battery is lithium power.

ChugPlug will support both the 65W and 45W MagSafe power adaptors. The power supplied by this battery enables the use of the MacBook, even if it is currently being charged. The average price is $159.99.

The Hyperjuice 2

The Hyperjuice 2 will support all the different MacBook’s, just like the Hyperjuice 1.5. This does include the MacBook’s with the retina display. An advanced OLED display for the status of the battery and dual 12W USB ports are included.

The Hyperjuice 2 additionally comes with an upgradeable casing, logic board and battery cell. The only current availability is for a 100Wh battery capacity. The pricing fluctuates between $299.95 and $399.95.

The Lizone 40,000mAh High-Performance Mac External Battery

This battery’s USB port provides a 5-volt output, and the voltage for the DC is roughly between 15 and 20 volts. The battery uses Li-ion Panasonic cells, and extra protection for the MacBook is provided with overcharge and discharge circuits.

All Apple MacBook Air series are compatible with the main DC output port. This is an excellent option for any user requiring a size larger than the 40,000mAh. The average price is $199.99.

The BatteryBox

The BatteryBox was designed to be extremely portable and will fit in the palm of the user’s hand. Despite the small size, this battery is capable of powering the MacBook. The power capability is six hours when used for the MacBook Pro, and twelve hours for the MacBook Air.

This is roughly the same as eight iPhones. The BatteryBox provides proper control to the rechargeable lithium-ion battery because it is equipped with a BatteryOS. The USB port is capable of charging any device. The average price is $139.95.


All the portable batteries described above are excellent. The best choice depends on the specific requirements of the user. Any of these batteries will make certain the user is able to continue using their MacBook’s whenever necessary, and the portability factor makes this easy to accomplish.

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