20 Minimalist WordPress Themes to Boost Up Your Website in 2017

Minimalist WordPress Themes to Boost Up Your Website in 2017

In the fast-changing modern world, it is hard to find something that will stay relevant for a long time. Every day, an enormous amount of the new devices are released. Huge companies are trying so hard to sell as many copies as they can. But instantly, the brand-new product appears. What happens next? Obviously, the wise and tricky marketers are trying to ensure us, that we need to buy this product. It could be literally anything: the new fashion line, the revolutionary powerful functionality of the new laptop and so on.

Surely, you can’t say that it is bad – nowadays, it’s an era of the technical progress, so the fast development of the specific niche is kinda normal. On the contrary, you may have noticed, that the fashion is not that stable, as it goes in a form of waves. The first brings you to the unbelievable popularity of the certain product. While the second one brings the new trendy stuff and now everyone is obsessed with it.

There is a huge number of different trends. Some of them, are suitable only for the certain niches, while the others, could fit literally any. And definitely, there are such trends, that are just timeless. Finally, it’s time to reveal the one, which we are going to talk about, today. It is a Minimalism. This concept stays relevant, regardless of the time. Moreover, this style is used in the music, visual art, architecture, etc. Of course, its power affects a web design industry, too.

Today we are going to tell you about the minimalism in a web design. It is rather popular, due to the number of reasons. First of all, it always looks great. Also, the minimalist layout doesn’t distract the website visitors from the necessary elements. For instance, such as call-to-action buttons, product images, etc. Moreover, it prevents overloading the website layout with irrelevant content blocks. Of course, if you aim to build a new website, or to refresh the existing one, you have several ways to do it.
Obviously, you can hire a web designer and pay him around $5000 – $8000 for a custom look for your web project. And this process will take from 3 weeks to a month, approximately. Or, you can buy a ready-to-go solution, that will cost you around $80. This solution is called a website theme. If you take a look at the list of the designer portfolio WordPress themes, you will see that a huge number of them is made with a minimalist concept in mind. Moreover, you can customize them by yourself. Or, you can take a help from the Service Center so your website will be customized within 24 hours.

In order to demonstrate you, that a minimalist website could be rather powerful and, also boost up your online project to the next level, we will show you the top 20 minimalist WordPress themes, made by So, here we go!

Monstroid2 – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

We couldn’t start our list from another website template because Monstroid2 is a truly revolutionary product. It comes with 16 built-in child themes, which means that you get 16 layouts for the price of one. Using any of them, you can build a stunning website, powered by a great SEO. So, that it will be much easier for your potential customers to find your web project.

Style & Fashion WordPress Theme

The black and white layout, coupled with the contrasting yellow call-to-action buttons, is a great tool to increase the conversion rate of your website. To clarify, this template allows you to display your website content in the most stylish combination colors, while the bright elements will make your website visitors to make some action. For example, it can encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter, buy your product, or just leave you their contact information. As a result, this smart color scheme allows you to create a powerful, highly convertible website.

WordPress Theme for Personal Blog

If you aim to build a stylish, fully-customizable online project, this WordPress theme could be a perfect solution for you. First, it comes with a pack of pre-built header and footer variations. Second, the Live Customizer module gives you an incredible opportunity to adjust your website layout right from the front-end page of your website. Obviously, it saves your time and makes the customizing process much easier.

Interior Design WordPress Theme

Certainly, the Interra WordPress theme could be a great choice if you want to build an interior or exterior design agency website. However, its white background, an unusual grid-structured layout, and convenient hamburger menu section give you the flexibility to create a truly unique website for almost any purpose. Coupled with the 25+ built-in modules and a library of presets, your possibilities are practically endless.

Golfing Club WordPress Theme

In order to ensure that customizing a website could be as entertaining, as playing a child game, we want to introduce you to this Golfing Club WordPress theme. Thanks to the built-in drag-n-drop page builder, adjusting your website’s layout will be easy as 1-2-3. Moreover, powered by a Cherry Framework 5, you will have an access to the pack of a Cherry plugin, which is pretty cool.

Percuter WooCommerce Theme

Owing to the WooCommerce projects, multiple layout options, and built-in content modules, this WooCommerce theme is a great tool to create your own online store. Coupled with custom widgets, the Percuter theme will make a website building process really entertaining. While the Cherry modules will give a pleasant experience to your website visitors.

Wedding Photographer Theme WordPress Theme

With an aim to provide you with an excellent tool for creating an online portfolio or personal blog, this theme was produced. Obviously, it gives a great opportunity to the photographers, designers, and bloggers to put the imagery on a first plan. In addition, impress your potential customers by the full-width slider with stylish photos of the highest resolution and a grid-structured gallery.

Mobile App Responsive One Page WordPress Theme

In order to create a great one-page website, you need to make it fully responsive and cross-browser compatible. To clarify, your web page should have a great look and a smooth navigation, regardless which device and browser your website visitor uses. This WordPress theme gives you an opportunity to create such a website. Moreover, it is also powered by a page builder, which is a great advantage.

Real Estate WordPress Theme

A clean layout of this theme, coupled with a built-in Cherry Real Estate Plugin, creates a perfect combination for those, who want to have a modern-looking, yet powerful website. In order to give your customers an opportunity to find what they exactly need, you can add different search properties and filter the search results. Certainly, it won’t leave any of your potential clients indifferent.

Counseling Therapy Center Responsive WordPress Theme

A clean minimalist layout of this ready-made solution, coupled with an outstanding functionality, is an excellent choice to build new or refresh the existing website. Obviously, the elegant style of this responsive WordPress theme can easily prepossess your potential customers to take an action. Furthermore, it will definitely help you with the newsletter routine, as it is MailChimp ready.

Dentistry Clinic WordPress Theme

As a theme which has a built-in powerful drag-and-drop page builder, this ready-to-go solution is a great choice for you. Actually, there are a couple of bulletproof reasons. First, it will save your precious time. Customizing the content blocks has never been so easy. Second, it gives you a great number of the included content modules and presets, which gives you an incredible control over your website.

Celebrities WP Theme

In order to create a personal website, you should really take a look at the following WordPress theme. Owing to the Cherry Framework 5, it gives you an access to the variety of the Cherry modules. While the multiple layout options allow you to customize the look of your web page, according to any of your web design needs.

Restaurant WordPress Theme

The following restaurant WordPress theme is a wonderful example of the splendid functionality and a stunning design. Originally, it was created with an aim to help you build your own vegetarian-cuisine restaurant website. Additionally, it’s clean layout, full-width slider and mouthwatering photos of the delicious dishes encourage to make a purchase.

Furniture Company WordPress Theme

Thanks to the setup wizard, it takes only 5 minutes to install this theme on your domain. In addition, with a pack of the built-in custom widgets, multiple layout options, and Cherry plugins, you can create an absolutely unique website. Moreover, you get 15 topical stock images absolutely for free, which also saves your time and money.

Accounting & Financial Group WordPress Theme

Owing to the included content modules, this accounting and financial group WordPress theme allows you to add multiple content modules to your website page. For example, you can easily add or remove such content elements as call-to-action buttons, images, pricing tables, sliders, contact forms, countdown timers, etc. As a result, you have a fully-flexible website, which could be adjusted, as you only wish.

Construction & Architecture WP Theme

The first thing to remember about this construction and architecture WordPress theme is that its design allows you to create a true one-of-a-kind, competitive website. The ultra-modern grid structure of its layout gives you an opportunity to showcase your services and products in an unusual way. In effect, using this theme you can easily build a memorable website, which will stand out from the others.

Celebrity WordPress Theme

The minimalist black/grey/white color scheme of this theme is a great choice for those, willing create a conceptual online presence for their brand, product or service. Coupled with a full responsiveness, it gives an opportunity for your potential customers to reach out your website from any device. With any screen resolution. Moreover, it will have a rather convenient navigation, which will definitely affect your website’s user experience.

Business Services WP Template

Another one website template on our list, which is created in a classic black and white color scheme. Thanks to the full-width image slider and stunning animation effects, you can display your product in a most appealing way. In conclusion, with a convenient stick-to-top menu and a parallax scrolling effect, it will give your future website an incredible look.

Responsive WordPress Theme for Web Design Company

If you are a devoted fan of the minimalist art concept, you will definitely admire the following WordPress theme for a web design agency. Again, the classic combination of the black and white, but with certain usability tricks. For example, you can access the main menu by pressing the hamburger icon on the right sidebar. It was made with an aim to focus your website visitors on the main – your content.

WordPress Template for Dating Agency

Minimalism also can be bright. Despite the great variety of the ready-to-go options, made in black and white color schemes, the minimalist design also can be represented in an unusual way. If you are a dating agency owner, you should definitely take a look at this theme. As a result, the romantic color combination will easily tune your website visitors in a flirty manner, which is a great advantage.

As you can see, there is a plenty of options to recreate the minimalist design in your website layout. You can use the good-old, timeless black and white color scheme, or spice up your online project with colorful design elements. For example, the borders, call-to-action buttons, icons and hover animations. Thanks to the great variety of the pre-built WordPress themes, you can easily get a stunning website within a couple of days. In addition, you also can get a pack of the really useful built-in plugins and modules. And it’s for the price of a single website theme! By the way, which one of these web page templates do you like the most? You are the most welcome to share your opinion with us, in a comment section below. That’s all for today, folks. Stay tuned!:)

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