5 Reasons to Take Learning Outside the Classroom

Obviously, it is a fact that the classroom is a very important place for youngsters during their time at school. We can say, the classroom is the kind of headquarter for learning. Every day children gather together in the classroom and they hear from their teacher, they play, do exercise and much more. Classroom teaching is an essential requirement and practical method of educating children.

Most classrooms have four walls, but routinely spending hours confined between them does not create a productive learning environment. By varying the environment, children can get to know many new things that will reinforce the lessons learned and provide a number of additional benefits.

5 Reasons, why we should take learning outside the classroom

Makes Learning Engaging 

It can be difficult to keep kids on a task in the classroom. It is even more difficult to keep kids on task when the weather outside is pleasant and they just want to spend time running and playing in the playground. So we should encourage their interest and let them do just what they want to do. Let them explore Math such as, find shapes and patterns in the plant life, then record, draw or even calculate their angles.

Healthy Lifestyle 

When children go outside at a young age, they begin laying the foundations of a more active life that ultimately will help them guarantee better health. Well directed outdoor learning can offer a great opportunity for fresh air and exercise. It can be beneficial for the children to play outside. Benefits include: building muscle, strengthening bones, improving digestion, facilitating sleep, helping the body to heal and increasing energy levels, to name but a few.

Nurtures creativity and imagination through limitless and ever-changing resources 

When children are taken outside regularly, the enjoyment, sense of wonder and excitement is clearly seen on their face. This enjoyment and excitement can be generated when students can more actively engage with their environment, and the same is so for learners of all ages, even adults!

Makes Learning Relevant

Learning can be a more realistic context when it is taken beyond classrooms. Many concepts which seem too difficult to get a grasp of in the classroom are a lot easier to understand in the big wide world when they’re set in context, and when the children are more engaged and motivated to understand and learn. 
For instance, instead of teaching the topic plants in Biology that is from the textbook, you can take your students outside the classroom to a park where they can see a whole variety of plants and can better understand about plants. You can even make them understand the concept of a plant by representing a real one before them.

Improve Attendance 

Children often don’t like going to school as they find learning in the classroom, boring. This is because learning has always been confined to a classroom. But when games and other activities will be involved in learning children will undoubtedly show interest in it. This will surely change the way they feel about learning and go to school.

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