Is WooCommerce Good for Struggling Entrepreneurs

Is WooCommerce Good for Struggling Entrepreneurs

The Internet has radically altered the way we do business. The prodigious channel has inspired our society to forge a new breed of sentients (millennials) whose eyes shift from one display to the other. The unpredictable buying behavior tagged with channel hopping has forced entrepreneurs to integrate comprehend eCommerce solutions to stay ahead of the competition.

The interactive world is full of opportunities to expand our horizon and create something of a novelty. That being said today we will look at an eCommerce solution (WooCommerce) that has helped entrepreneurs across the galaxy to create a stellar online store.

What is WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a robust e-commerce platform built by WooThemes. The WordPress powered open source plugin is dedicated to supporting eCommerce enterprises in creating an online store on WordPress websites. The free plugin has received numerous recognitions for its simplicity to install and customization features, which attracted multiple high traffic websites like Small Press Expo and Internet Systems Consortium to integrate this plugin on their website.

The open source plugin provides endless flexibility and allows entrepreneurs to sell their merchandise more explicitly. Which lured more than 28% of e-commerce stores to coalesce with WooCommerce.

Top Six Features that makes WooCommerce a Perfect Partner for eCommerce StartUps

#1 Flexibility

Technical knowledge on the website is a hinderance, which ceased majority of entrepreneur from executing their morbid ideas into a reality. An e-commerce store which was once a dream needs to be transformed into a creative store. See what, for most people, WooCommerce offered the perfect solution.

The plugin offered simple options to add multiple functionalities to a WordPress website. The platform can be used to sell physical products, virtual products, downloadable products, and affiliate products. The tool also provides wide flexibility to setup complex product pages with a little planning, like categorizing products, creating price bundles, independent attribution, etc.

#2 Analytics

Every business needs to make data to analyze their performance. Data-driven strategies are more result oriented when compared to intuitions. Data-driven strategies help to gather useful insights about customers and give a competitive edge when comes to decision making. The leading research and analysis company (Gartner) predicted that by 2019 90% of top companies will hire a CDO (Chief Data Officer) to manage information assets.

The built-in analytics provides a simplified representation of informed analytics ranging from, individual statistics to total sales. Along with integration of Google analytics, the comprehend system also supports Universal Analytics and Enhanced Event tracking.

#3 WooThemes

WooThemes are delicate and hold a wonderful track record of being exceedingly professional and reliable in terms of their product and support. The customized themes across verticals provide a plethora of options for e-commerce stores. The free documentation section acts as a repository of information which comes in handy when setting up a store. Furthermore, the WooThemes are scalable and mobile-friendly.

#4 Free and Paid Extensions

The suit to built-in feature comes with numerous extensions that help to add out of the box services and features. WooCommerce also provides an extensive list of free and paid extensions that help to built and measure an online store. Based on the business and the requirement, a store owner can install these extensions to make his store more appealing to users. Few Famous Extensions are:

  • WooCommerce Poor Guy Swiss Army Knife
  • WooCommerce Sales Ordering
  • WooCommerce Order Tracking
  • WooCommerce Booking

#5 Security

With website security being a prime concern, website vulnerability is one primary factor every store owner needs to consider. This Content Management System is monitored by a security plugin developed by the leading malware scanner company Sucuri. The plugin is designed in a way that it is highly effective against malware attack and easy to execute.

#6 Developer Friendly

The platform is developer friendly, making it much easier to penetrate into the core and customize it on a higher level. Data migration is made much simpler. The custom AJAX endpoints improve performance like adding to the cart to be 40% faster.

As technology improved the barrier to start a business has exponentially dropped. We have e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopnix, etc competing to take over the online store market. You can start your online store with little or no money, market it with a wide array of free tools.

WooCommerce and Similar Platforms

Other than WooCommerce there are multiple platforms available to create online stores. Each with their own individual distinctive features. Few other eCommerce solutions are Shopify, Shopnix, and Magneto.


An enterprise started to (founded – 2004) sell snowboards. Shopify realized the market needs for a dedicated hassle-free eCommerce platform that can be owned by brands and individuals which help them to project their values and built a strong relationship with customers. From the need evolved the brand Shopify.


Shopnix, an online store builder founded by Mr.Avinash Nishant an ardent entrepreneur and a zealous coder. The platform is supported by three key enablers, sourcing, marketing, and delivery. The scalable technology with brilliant features makes this platform a one-stop solution for online eCommerce startups.


Like the fictional sentient character (Magneto) published by Marvel Comics, Magneto eCommerce platform with its brilliant themes and innovative drive have lured more than 250000 global merchants to use this platform. The seamless integration and out of the box functionality gives the business owner an opportunity to provide compulsive use experience to the online visitors.

Final Thought

Albeit, an eCommerce website builder provides a comprehensive solution to struggling entrepreneurs, owning an e-commerce store is one thing whereas churning revenue out is the mystical part. No worries, read this article: “6 Ways To Increase your Conversion Rate” FromDev. The tips mentioned will come in handy to increasing your online conversion rate.

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