Let Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free Solve All Your Deleted Data Problems

If you are looking to recover your data and you want to use free data recovery software then look no further than EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free. 

This is an excellent and very secure data recovery tool that offers an excellent data recovery experience. No longer do you have to worry about losing data that you may have either intentionally or accidentally deleted.

Simple and effective

With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free you have software that anyone can use. All that is required is following a few simple steps that will help you recover all your lost information. The first step involves launching the program after which you will need to get it to scan your computer hard drive. Simply download the program and then install it in a location where you have not stored any information.


Get the software to scan your hard drive. While scanning the program will display the status of the recovery and another piece of useful information provided by the software is the estimated time remaining to complete the scan. 

The first time you scan your computer things move very fast and all the files that have been deleted or cleaned from the recycle bin will be listed. A second scan option is also available. This option will take longer as it performs a sector-wise scanning of your hard drive. 
Once the scanning is complete the resulting interface displays the Directory List, the names of files and folders and a thumbnail of files selected. You can also preview certain files if you want more information.

Recover data

After the preview is complete you have the option of selecting targeted files after which to recover those files you will need to select the RECOVER button. Be sure to save the recovered files on your hard drive or external storage but do not store them where they were previously lost. This program makes it very easy to recover deleted files. Furthermore, it is also possible to both export as well as import the results of the scan.

Precise location service

The nice thing about using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is that it guides you and helps you locate your lost files in a very precise manner. Best of all, this free data recovery software will help you recover deleted files from your personal computer, laptop or your hard drive, SSD or memory card as well as from various other devices including digital cameras. Once you put this software to use you can rest assured that it would help you get all your lost files back again.

Whether it a lost or deleted file or even if you wish to recover photos or music files or audio files or your emails, this excellent free data recovery software is there to help you. Thanks to this software it is possible to restore data that you have deleted. 

Best of all, it also helps you recover files that were affected by WannaCry Ransomware. It also ensures that after a system crash or volume loss that you can recover all your data once more. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is extremely easy to use and is safe free data recovery software that everyone should use.
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