Key Factors To Consider For Best Broadband For Gaming

Key Factors To Consider For Best Broadband For Gaming

Gaming has grown to be more than just a niche hobby that it used to be sometime back. Gaming is now a mainstream diversion that is fully backed by huge dollar budgets. With this evolution, one thing that has become an unavoidable cornerstone is online connectivity. 

You need it for various uses like purchasing new games, using it for multiplayer, downloading day one patch, or just catching some Downloadable Content (DLC). For that reason, an active Internet connection is compulsory for any gamer
For anybody looking for a new broadband plan, these are some of the most important factors that you must give consideration.

What Is Broadband?

We have created a playlist of some useful youtube videos about broadband. Hope you find them useful.

The Download Allowance

For anyone purchasing more than one game within a period of one month, it is important to have a sufficient monthly download allowance. This is particularly important if you are buying titles digitally. 

Most of the latest blockbuster titles now measure somewhere around the 50-Gigabyte mark, at least on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. Call of Duty: Infinite War, for instance, would need as much as 130 Gigabytes of storage space, while Forza Horizon 3and Doom would require 46GB and 44GB of storage space respectively.

If you have a 250 Gigabyte monthly download allowance, 20 percent of that would be consumed by just a single game. An unlimited broadband service is worth considering especially if you are downloading more games within a month. Unlimited broadband options have also grown and become so popular, and even more affordable than you would imagine.


For any gamer, the biggest advantage of a faster connection to Internet is the improved speed each time you are updating or downloading games. On an average Asymmetric digital subscriber line 2+ connection, you could be staring at more than 10 hours just to download a 50GigaByte game. 

This would significantly drop to just over an hour on a cable connection or a 100Mbps NBN. Despite the fact that faster Internet connection would bring in faster download speeds, it is critical to note that you can still encounter bottlenecks.

This, however, depends on the source you are downloading from and the number of people who are downloading a particular game at the same time. If you attempt to download a new release just as it goes live, there is a possibility that you will not max out your connection. You should just treat it as a digital traffic jam.

If you are planning to play your games online, then you should not worry about both your upload and download speeds. This is because online gaming is not that data intensive.


The most important and common metric for the performance of online gaming is Ping. It is a network that exists between the game server and your computer. It could also be on the computer of another player, depending on the type of the game. Your gameplay experience will be so smooth if you have a lower latency.

One unfortunate part is that ping is usually out of your control. It will, however, depend on a couple of things like, the location of the server that you are connecting to, your distance to the local node or local exchange, the global capacity of your ISP, and how your ISP routes traffic all around the globe. To offer a more cohesive experience, many gamers are forced to feature lag compensation. Upgrading to an Internet connection that is faster can trivially influence your ping.

Despite the fact that it could result in a faster connection that exists between your provider’s network and your computer, you would be still relying on the network of your provider for the connection to the game’s server. Your home network can also, in one way or another, influence your gaming performance. But such issues always manifest as dropouts or stability problems. An unstable Internet connection can be as a result of several factors including weak Wi-Fi, a dodgy mode, or a poor quality line that connects you to the node.

If you are after as fast an Internet connection as possible, then fiber optic broadband could be imperative. This is one of the latest advancement in broadband technology that promises to deliver a super fast speed for any Internet needs. One noticeable benefit of using a fiber optic broadband is the increase in speed that allows you to download your games faster than you can imagine.

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