7 Best Android Game Development Books

List of best Android Game Development Books

With an increase in the popularity of Android phones in the market throughout the world, more and more people are demanding easy to play Android games. Due to this, the vacancies related to Android game development are coming up in the job market.

During these interviews, the company HR does extensive questioning related to Android programming that can be only answered by reading and studying the software. The working knowledge of Android game programming also come in handy when developing personal ideas of related to games. 
Learning game programming is also a fun when it is the passion of the programmer. As usual, the best choice to learn is to purchase the related books related and start developing. Like many other topics, there are countless books that offer extensive information related to the development of the game software. 
This article offers list of highly recommended Android game development books that are very popular in the market and offer extensive benefits for the newbie as well as the experienced people.

You can also find extensive information about a wide range of android tutorials here.

Beginning Android Games

(By: Robert Green, Mario Zechner )

If you want to become a successful Android game developer with a specialization in the Android tablet game app development, this is the best for you. The book starts with game design basics and programming fundamentals.

The next step is the creation of basic game engine and playable game apps that would function on different versions of smartphones and tablets. If you have an awesome idea related to Android game, this book is the best choice for you.

The Beginner’s Guide to Android Game Development

(By: James S. Cho )

If you think that you have an awesome idea related to Android games, but you are a newbie in this area, this book is the best choice for you.

While reading and studying this book, it does not matter that you are a newbie or an experienced Java developer; it offers enough information so that you can you can accomplish your goals by teaching you to build your game from scratch.

The book offers step-by-step approach as it has been designed to teach you one basic concept at a time.

Learning Java by Building Android Games – Explore Java Through Mobile Game Development

(By: John Horton )

If you have some experience with Android games, all you need to is to set up a game environment and purchase this book.

The book begins with fundamentals of the software and teaches four cool games for the tablet as well as the smartphone that range from education, memory, and retro arcade-style games.

After learning fundamentals, you can also design and create own games for the market. In addition, the language used by this book is easy.

Android Game Programming by Example

(By: John Horton )

This book is mainly targeted towards the existing Java or Android programmers who would like to adapt their skill-set for the creation of the Android games.

This book also assumes that the reader would have a reasonable understanding of object-oriented programming. This book offers various types of knowledge that include the creation of simple to complex games engines with different cool features such scrolling parallax backgrounds and as sprite sheet character animation.

With the assistance of this book, you can also design and implement various games with different and challenging playable levels.

Learning Java by Building Android Games: Learn Java and Android from scratch by building five exciting games

(By: John Horton )

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced game development programmer, this book offers extensive information for both. The book starts with game design fundamental and basic concepts and then you can progress toward the creation of your own basic game engine as well as playable games. This book takes three android games as example and makes it easy to learn game development. It is an easy way for beginners to get started quickly.

Learning the language and software also enables you to write and implement your own idea as Android games. The language is easy to understand and its flow is seamless.

Game Programming Patterns

(By: Robert Nystrom )

If you are an experienced game programmer and find it difficult to complete your game due to its complexity, don’t worry, the solution is at hand in form of this book.

The main focus of this book is to offer various patterns through which you can untangle and optimize any complex game. The writer has organized everything as independent recipes so that the reader can pick any pattern that is required for resolving the issue.

The book offers various types of information such as how to write a good games loop and use cache of the CPUs for an improvement of the performance.

Android Design Patterns: Interaction Design Solutions for Developers

(By: Greg Nudelman )

If you are an experienced Android game programmer and would like to design and develop apps and games for Android 4, this book offers a valuable knowledge in form of various patterns.

The writer offers 58 essential interaction design patterns and handles the most challenging aspects such as home screen, search, welcome experience, forms and sorting and filtering among the others.

Not only that, the book also offers 12 anti-patterns that cause common mistakes the programmers make during the design of their game.

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