Step-By-Step Guide To Use The Shopify Business Name Generator

When setting up a website with Shopify, a valid domain name is a priority. For this, you can use several domain name generators available online, or a simple Shopify tool instead. This article helps you learn how to use the Shopify Business Name Generator for your e-store, how you can acquire your website domain name and the steps to be taken after the purchase.

Business Name Generator

The Business Name Generator page on the Shopify has a simple structure, where you only have to input the keywords of your choice and a list of available suggestions pop up for you to pick a domain name.

Most entrepreneurs spend hours coming up with catchy names for their website domain and then figure out that they’re already taken by someone else. Since everyone is looking for catchy names for their websites, good domain names sell fast. However, in today’s well-connected world, there is always room for something new and different. 

With many choices of available domain names listed out for you at the click of a button, brainstorming becomes easier. If you are someone who thinks far ahead, then it’ll also be easy for you to pick a long lasting name for your website from the list.

Shopify uses the keywords you input along with several other great options that you or your competitors haven’t thought of yet. Another benefit is that this feature is free to use, whether or not you plan on building your website with Shopify.

How To Buy Your Domain Name

After you choose the domain name that suits your website and business, you will land on a page where you have to fill in all the details required to start building your website. Once you reach the builder section, the payment option for the domain name pops up. You can change your domain name to something else again here, in case you change your mind. This page will also educate you about domain names and how to go about it on Shopify.

You can select your required domain name extension under the name, where the price for each extension will be given beside the extension. To buy the domain name, you have to click on the check availability option.

In case the domain name is unavailable, the website gives you some other available options, else, it will generate a payment page. Here, fill in all the details and you can buy the domain name online.

After this, you can continue to build your website. If you need help in building your website on Shopify, you just visit the Shopify tutorial section.

Domain Name Renewal

Your domain name registration on Shopify lasts for a year, after which you will have to renew it. To avoid forgetting this, you can set your domain name for auto-renewal. Just go to ‘Manage Domains’ under the ‘Domains’ section of your website builder and select the ‘Domain Details’ option. Here, you can see a checkbox where you can enable auto-renewal. 

A date will appear on the screen, where the domain name you chose will renew automatically on the said date.

What Happens If Your Domain Name Expires

If you haven’t enabled auto-renewal, Shopify will prompt you several times to renew your domain name in order to prevent expiry. There is a time-frame during which you will have to complete this, failing which, you will incur a penalty fee. If you still fail to renew it, your domain name will enter an auction, where it will be made available for someone else to buy. 

You are now forced to secure a new domain name for your website, which might lead to a loss of traffic, customers, and impact your Search Engine Rankings.

Now you are aware of everything that you need to know to manage a domain name for your e-store.

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