15+ Android Password Manager Apps

List of best Android Password Manager Apps

Life today massively depends on the online transactions and information sharing. Each of such undertakings of confidential information is protected with separate passwords.

We are vulnerable in keeping track of all the passwords and require a sophisticated mechanism to manage our authoritative details safely, securely and sagaciously. One which is user-friendly, accessible from anywhere, provides active sync up, backup/restoration if required.

Password managers are common on a desktop, however, the need on mobile has increased exponentially in recent years. Especially when you want to create a very secure password that may also be easy to remember.

This need has prompted developers to make some of the most advanced applications. Below listed are a few of the best Android apps on google app store.

If you are an iPhone user, we have similar password management apps list here.

Keeper Password Manager

This application provides private digital vault on Android, iOS, Mac and PC platforms that are encrypted and unbreakable. It uses the highest levels of privacy and security (256 bit AES, PBKDF2).

Other features include password generator, power sharing, secure file manager, autofill login and password, vault to vault sharing, two-factor authentication, internal controls, Keeper for groups and enterprise. It comes in free and paid versions.

Reneph Password Safe

Password Safe encrypts stored data securely using 128 bit AES and gives single access only. It doesn’t have any access to the internet.

Key functions include categorization of entries, password generator widgets, backup and restore, customized user interface, auto backup,* .csv import/export. Pro version has entry elements reordering facility, encryption up to 256 bit, import/export to excel, auto lock, backup to encrypted CSV, self-destruction.

No sync up feature is available on this.

LastPass Password Mgr Premium

Mobile version of LastPass password manager securely syncs your passwords across all browsers and devices.

Essential functions include auto-fill for Android 4.1+ and Chrome (Android 4.3+), earlier versions have “copy” options; auto fill login and forms, biometric authentication (using Samsung S5’s fingerprint reader), password generator, add, update and delete sites, secure notes and form fill, redesigned UI.

It offers 14 days free trial and later $12 for a yearly subscription.

MSecure – Password Manager

Comes with some of the most advanced features, mSecure’s New 3.5 Version of the password manager includes Tablet support, Auto-Login, Auto-sync and more. It is ultra secure, simple & smart and uses 256bit Blowfish encryption.

Key features comprise of an auto lock, password generator, sync cloud data protection architecture, auto back on SD and e-mail, user-friendly customized options, categorization of data; sharing via email, SMS or clipboard, auto capture weblog in, can import data from competitor products.

30 days trial and then for $14.99.

Dashlane Password Manager

Free password manager & secure digital wallet for Android and other devices. By using 256bit AES encryption, it provides firm security to your data, backup/restoration, strong security vault with security breach alerts, password generator, auto fill on Dashlane browser and auto-login for your apps with Dashlane keyboard.

Premium version offers features like sync up of all devices; cloud backup, priority user support. Other features are an auto lock after inactivity. The application works in English, Spanish and French.

SecureSafe Password Manager

SecureSafe protects your passwords and documents from malicious hackers and unauthorized access, using AES-256 and RSA-2048 encryption.

Essential functions are one login for all platforms, data sharing between SecureSafe and you is over HTTPS only, additionally encrypted passwords, 24/7 monitoring, data inheritance function if something happens to you, a single login for all devices, offline access to passwords, comes as iPod/iPad app and web app.

Advanced version with premium features comes in PRO, SILVER and GOLD account types.

Android Wallet Password Manager

aWallet Password manager has features like build in the editor; backup to the Android USB device, CSV format unencrypted data export and auto lock.

Professional version contains password generator and CSV Import functions. Security features include user-friendly categorized encryption using AES and Blowfish algorithms with various key sizes. Triple DES with key sizes of 168 and 112 bits.

Combinations of multiple criteria to decrypt the data, “Salt” combination with a master keyword to prevent theft, auto-destruction after failed unlocks. It has no internet access permission, however, the only permission it has is to access to the USB device to backup/restore the data files in case your phone is lost.

Reneph Password Safe

By using AES 128 bit based encryption, Reneph Password Safe doesn’t require permission to access the internet; widgets lets you copy passwords to your clipboard from your home screen.

Categorized entries, single master password access, password generator, backup and restore the encrypted database, customized user interface, automatic clearing of the clipboard, auto back up, CSV- import/export and no unnecessary Android rights are some of its key functions.

In professional version, entry elements can be defined and reordered, the definition of encryption key size up to 256bit, import/export from/to excel table, auto-lock, encrypted CSV-files, auto-backup to encrypted CSV and self-destruction. It doesn’t have sync up feature.

Fasino Password Keeper

This app is free. It allows you to store passwords for your accounts safely and securely on your devices. You can export the data and protect them with passwords import from the simple text files. My Passwords

A simple to use application with AES data storage, multi-window support, strong password generator, backup, restoration of the encrypted database and an offline operating facility to safely store substantial passwords and numbers encrypted.

PasswdSafe – Password Safe

PasswdSafe is a port of the Password Safe application to Android. Users can sync up the password files from cloud services too by installing the PasswdSafe Sync app. In case of bugs, it is advised to maintain a known good backup

NS Wallet

This application uses AES cipher algorithm and offers most reliable, secure, theft free and FREE data vault to the users. Works on “privacy are priority” principle, NS Wallet is a fully offline solution. All you need is a master password to it.

With “ NS sync” backups in the cloud can also be created. Premium features include various themes, fonts and search criteria.

Rhythm Hexise Password Safe

Application ensures data privacy without internet permission, auto lock, SD card backup, customized password records on demand, dynamic support, different formats, creating records from pre-defined and new templates, password record management, 90+ icons to categorize, quick search, import/ export data using *.csv file for data exchange with other apps and multi-language support; Password Safe uses 256 bit AES algorithm for encryption.

Safe In Cloud Password Manager

Facilitates protection to your delicate data with unique and secure passwords, “SafeInCloud” uses 256 bit AES for complete password management. It comes as Free Desktop Application + Mobile Application for Phones and Tablets.

Essential functions include strong encryption, cloud sync, password generator and strength analysis, browser integration, cross platform and automatic data import.

DataVault Password Manager

Ideal app and with unmatched features like multiple data views, flexible template management, on-device backup, password generator, security time out, maximum login attempts and synchronization with DataVault for Mac and DataVault for Windows (sold separately).

The interface is optimized for mobile devices & desktop environments. Also, facilitates customized options, SD backup, sync-ups, smart access control, password hints, online troubleshoot FAQs and personalized settings

Ilium E-wallet- Password Manager

eWallet application by Ilium software keeps important/authoritative and sensitive details secured behind the 256-bit military-grade AES encryption.

PC version eWallet helps sync between multiple eWallets over Wifi. Customize your eWallets with cards, backgrounds, and categories. It auto locks detecting inactivity

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