Powerful Cross Platform File Recovery Software : EaseUS

EaseUS is a data recovery software that has an amazing list of feature seldom found in a file recovery software.

For those who aren’t aware, a data recovery software is one which help you recover files that you might have deleted accidentally or want to recover after deleting them. Most data recover software’s only have a handful of features and recovery options which limits the kind and size of files they can recover. What EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard so unique is its ability to restore almost all kinds of files regardless of size.

EaseUS file recovery software can help you recover and restore files that you lost to software crash, formatted or damaged hard drive, virus attack or data you lost when one of your partitions got corrupted or formatted. It’s surprisingly large list of options is one of the key aspects that makes it stand out from the rest.


Unlike some recovery tools Installing EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is anything but complicated, even on older versions of Windows. All you have to do is download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard from the EaseUS official site. run the setup and you’ll have it installed in less than a minute.

This data recovery software doesn’t automatically start recovering deleted file after it’s installed which surprisingly works in its favor. However, it is configured to automatically display various data-recovery tips once opened in order to help new users better understand how to use it effectively.
Supported Devices and Formats

EaseUS file recovery software supports a wide variety of operating systems. If you have an x86 PC you can run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on any version of Windows between 2003 – Windows 10. The kind devices and drives you have recover data from all major storage types which include mobile devices, portable HHD’s along with USB sticks. As of now you can restore all kinds of document, graphic, video, audio, email and other files like .rar and .zip using this file recovery software.


Let’s talk about what matters most. How effective is EaseUS when it comes to the quality and condition of recovered files. You’ll find a variety of file recovery software that recover partial data, broken images, and unplayable audio and video files because they only restore partial data rather than the whole thing.

During our use of EaseUS data recovery software we managed to restore almost all video and picture files we deleted with 99% success rate of complete file recovery which is due to the file repair feature that help repair files when restored after deleting. It supports both quick and deep scan to find all types of all files you need.

The surprising thing using Deep Scan was how fast and effective it was considered to other data recovery software.

The Interface

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Version 11.0 comes with a completely revamped GUI that looks stylish and sleek. The new interface is light on the eyes and extremely easy to use as well as providing small tips to better enhance your experience.

More Details About EaseUS Software


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is definitely worth your time if you want to recover files that you’ve lost to an untimely system crash, virus or accidental deletion or formatting. You can download the free version which lets you recover up to 1 GB worth of data and see for yourself just how well it performs compared to alternate data recovery software.

The premium version also comes with free lifetime upgrade and free lifetime technical support that will keep you update to date with all new updates that roll out as well as helping resolve any issues you might face using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard which makes this an option worth your investment.

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