6 Questions You Need To Answer Before Buying An Android TV Box

Questions You Need To Answer Before Buying An Android TV Box

An Android TV box is a pretty useful device, especially if you know exactly what you want to do with it. There are, however, many different kinds of TV boxes out on the market.

Each has something to offer. Not all will satisfy what you need or want. Answering these questions will help you find one that will make you happy:

What is Android TV Box?

Where are you buying your Android TV Box from? 

Buying from a reputable source with years of history is a lot safer than buying from a nameless face on a shady auction site. This is, of course, no guarantee that everything will work out smoothly. But working with an established vendor significantly raises the chances you’re buying a legit TV box. Not fake, not stolen, but 100% genuine and does exactly what it advertises. The last thing you want is to put down good money only to find a fancy box of plastic stuffed with sand.

What do you want your TV box to do? 

Do you want to solely play movies? Stream YouTube videos? Type up documents? Play video games? List down what you expect your Android TV box to do for you. This information will help guide future research to identify which boxes are best qualified to do what you want them to do. Sure, you could always buy the biggest, beefiest TV box out there. If you’re working on a budget, though, it becomes important to find what best suits your needs at the lowest possible price point.

What are the specs of your TV box? 

Notable points include the RAM, internal memory capacity, processor speed, the GPU, and the version of Android on the device. These are the core specs to note, as they will determine how fast the TV box will run, or if it can handle demanding applications in the first place. Examples of these tasks include viewing ultra-high definition video files, playing graphics-intensive games, or running multiple apps at the same time.

Where do you plan to set up the TV box? 

Android TV boxes are great living room devices. Settle them on or near your television set, and you should be good to go. If, however, you plan to regularly move the set around, you may be better off working with an Android TV stick instead. These sticks are functionally identical to their box counterparts, but they are smaller and significantly more portable. You can slip them into your bag, purse, or pocket as needed. They’re not as beefy as TV boxes when it comes to specs, but higher-end models can be surprisingly robust for their size.

What ports will you find on the TV box? 

Wireless is all well and good, but wired connectivity is still a major consideration when it comes to TV boxes. USB, micro-USB, HDMI, DVI, LAN, SD, microSD – the presence or absence of these ports will determine what devices will be compatible with your Android TV box.

How much is the competition offering? 

Last but not the least, you need to shop around for equivalent devices. You would be surprised at the value you can get by simply comparing and contrasting what different vendors are offering. You could find yourself saving upwards of $100 on an Android TV box offering the same capabilities. You could find a significantly more powerful device for the budget you plan to stick to. Or you could discount on shipping and warranty offers with certain providers. The key is to cast as wide a net as possible to check which seller offers the best bang for your buck.

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