20 Tools To Create Infographics

 20 Tools to Create Your Own Infographics

Infographics are a great way of providing information, especially for a modern user who doesn’t want to spend much time on reading and enjoys visual data. Experienced marketing specialists have realized long ago that pictures can be more convincing than words.
Infographics can transmit statistical numbers, information and knowledge in the language of a graphic. No matter if you write your design on paper or not, you can turn those designs into cool digital material if you have the right tool for that. Here are some services for you if you want to try or optimize your work with infographics.

Website can bravely bear such name as it allows creating complicated infographics without much effort and many graphic editing skills. It lets beginners create infographics fast and easy basing on templates or user’s information. With the help of this web service, you can change the background color, add various geometrical figures, choose and change fonts and add your own pictures.

Coogle Charts

Choogle Charts is one of the most popular services for creating infographics, diagrams, and other visual images. This is an effective, simple and free tool. Users can choose what they need among numerous schemes starting from simple diagrams and finishing with multilevel sequential constructions. is a simple and convenient way to create a nice interactive infographic. It is very easy to use and free. Basically, you can create an infographic in just several minutes. After a registration process, you will be given eight templates for infographics and five templates for diagrams. You can write headlines, add text and pictures, set your own digital parameters, change the background, shift elements with a mouse and add animation.


This is an instrument for those who use Android phones for taking pictures. With its help, you can take all of the pics from your phone and build an infographic with them. There is a free version and a paid one ($0,99) without ads.


It is a convenient tool to build online graphics: site maps, UML graphs, infographics, etc. It is free to use.


This is a service for creating infographics with a simple to use tools and features. There are ready to use schemes, graphs, diagrams, etc. You can upload your own pictures and templates, too. You can also add animation to your infographics.

Stat Planet

Stat Planet is a great tool that allows you to create interactive visualizations and static images. If offers access to different data that you can use for your projects.


Dipity is a tool for creating and publishing infographics with the possibility to add it to different resources. With its help, you can create an interactive infographic-chronicle. You can not only upload pictures and themes but also add videos, audio tracks, links, geo-locations and calendar dates. Paid version offers branding and ready to go infographics, using analytics tools and an iPhone app.

Many Eyes

This tool allows you uploading your files or choosing among those the site offers and transforming text material into a visual one. It is an easy way to use your data to create online visualizations. The site offers many cool features and options.

Get About

Get about is a Windows tool that lets you track your activity in social media and create an infographic based on this information. The information includes the way you communicate with your friends and contact with brands and companies in social networks.


This is a very nice tool that can help you create video infographics. It offers a list of readymade templates that make the whole process very easy. The service is not free, though, be ready for that.


Piktochart is said to be a service that allows any person, even without any artistic talent, creating an effective infographic for presentations, websites, speeches, etc. The service offers many nice and colorful templates to try. The service is free, with the possibility to upgrade an account to have additional features and templates. appears to be more of a library of beautiful infographics. With that, the site offers users to try a hand in infographic creation and offers several free templates for that.


Canva is a great way to create, share, and work together on graphics that can include video, audio, pictures, text, links, social media, etc. is a service that allows creating infographics based on a user’s LinkedIn information. This is a Canadian startup that lets people create unusual resumes. A standard piece of paper with a list your skills, job positions and personal characteristics doesn’t interest employers anymore. If you are a marketing specialist, a journalist or a designer, you should definitely try this site.


It is an online tool for building charts and diagrams and adding your own themes, colors and text. It has many features of Excel, but it is easier to use and looks nicer.


Tagxedo turns words (famous speeches, news articles, slogans or basically everything that has words) into word clouds. Such clouds look very nice and can be useful for marketing campaigns, blog posts and any other purpose.


Hohli is another good service for creating charts and diagrams. It is also very easy to use and very efficient in terms of creating great visual content. is a desktop for online editing of infographics. It is free to use and has many positive reviews. You can connect it to your Google account. It allows you to search for pictures and themes in Google, which is very convenient. It has a neutral site and simple but effective interface.


This service allows you creating beautiful diagrams, upload information from Excel and Google Drive, save data in PDF format and publish completed diagrams on different resources.

Hopefully, these tools will be useful to you. Choose the type of infographic that is suitable for your tasks, experiment, create new and memorable content and it all will bring you closer to your goals.

Lisa Orto is an illustrator and a full time editor at Gohunters writing board. She loves design and and loves to blog in her free time. You can learn more about her on her Facebook or Google+ pages.

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