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Your Email Marketing Campaign is Critical – Find Your Free Email Templates from These 25 Sources

With the advent of social media, a lot of companies have put email marketing on their back burners. While they still use email campaigns, their analytics have shown that emails are being kicked to spam folders or simply deleted without being opened.

The issue is not that email campaigns are no longer effective; the issue is that email campaigns need to be based on sound strategies and tactics that result in recipients wanting to open them, read, and take some kind of further action. When those sound strategies are incorporated, businesses of all sizes can achieve good results. Here’s why:

People check their emails, at least several times a day. Targeted emails with great subject lines and offers of value have a good chance of being opened and responded to. Studies do show that email marketing results in better conversion rates than social media communication.

Businesses have more control of distribution with email marketing than they do with social media. Instead of casting out a wide net hoping to attract a few, email marketing services now allow multiple lists based upon recipient positions in the sales funnel.

Email is personal, and establishing personal connections with target audiences is key to ultimate sales. And given that a variety of messages can be crafted for subsets of an email list, personalization is easy to achieve.

It’s not dependent upon a target being online at the time something is posted.

Results are easier to track, including who opened and who did not.

Email marketing services offer many templates so that a marketer choose a design, color palette, etc. best suited for his/her targeted audience.

Email, then, remains one of the most important digital marketing trends, can be designed to appeal to specific audiences and can be tracked. Now the other component of the strategy will be finding the right email service and templates. Here are 25 sites from which you can download free email templates.

Vertical Response

Templates that are professionally designed and that conform to responsive design/development. Choose from welcoming email templates to those for targets who are at all different places in your sales funnel.


Zurb offers 5 free templates, all responsive, and well made. Everything is totally free. Templates include Basic, Hero, Sidebar, Sidebar Hero2, and Newsletter.

Campaign Monitor

Great emails services all around, with a great template builder. You can create your template and then download it for your own use. Or you can set up a paid account with Campaign Monitor for the rest of their services.

Active Campaign

This is a site that offers full email services but has a number of free template tools through a free account. There are a total of 52 templates, from simple to complex depending on your level of expertise.

99 Designs

They have a free template pack on the site’s blog – 3 templates and choice of 4 colors – one template for a newsletter, one for a promotion and one for notifications. Crowdsourcing designs also available.

Free Email

Over 70 templates are offered for free. Divided into categories for easy selection. Download your choice and then customize for your business.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark is an entire email service. You can try it for free for 30 days and get free templates as a part of that trial – a library of 400 templates, categorized by industry.

Graphic Mail

Like Benchmark, this a full email service with a large library of templates. Sign up for a free account and get access to the templates, and you have 15 days of support as a trial.


This site is written in French, but it’s easy to understand how to download your free, responsive templates.


Acid has a free responsive template with lots of room for customization. Content blocks can be moved or removed. Fully tested for responsiveness.

Hot Email Templates

A large collection of the free email newsletter and general email templates sorted by category and responsive.

Fluid, responsive and hybrid templates – responsive. A few simple templates with block designs for easy customization.Brian If you have a bit more expertise, this is a great source of email patterns that you can then customize for any newsletter or email purpose.

Lucid Press

Free email and newsletter templates. Great themes, and no learning curve – drag and drop. Several free options but more with an upgrade.

Fresh Mail

Perfect for small business; up to 500 subscribers for free. Check out their great designs for both newsletters and emails.

The Mezy

A catalog of free WordPress themes and email/newsletter templates – all free. Some great designs here.


While these free templates are education-related, if you know just a bit of HTML coding, you can modify these great designs for use in almost any industry. 

Mail Chimp

One of the most well-known and popular email services. A free plan for small businesses or startup allows up to 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails each month. Built-in templates and an editor for customization. Very easy to use.

The Mezaa

There is a $19.00 one-time license fee, but then free access to all of their designs for free. New ones are added continuously. Easy drag and drop, no coding required.

A. Weber

You have access to all templates for 30 days free. There are some great templates here with a drag and drop editor. If you sign up for one of the plans, you can get automated or targeted group email services and continue the access to all templates.

Litmus has secured 7 free email templates from Stamplia. Templates are responsive and fully tested for all servers. Each template comes with a PSD source file, so you can tweak them as you wish.

Cake Mail

If you are a small business, you can begin to use any of these email and newsletter templates for free, up to 500 contacts, with no limit on how many per month. Once you get beyond 500 clients/customers, you will need to join a monthly or annual plan based upon your growth. Easy to use great templates. 


This is a link to an article on this site that provides 28 free email ad template designs from a wide variety of sites. All are responsive, have been tested, and can be modified for customization to your needs.

Up to two users in your business can use this site for free with 5 email templates and the ability to send out 10 mass emails per day. As you grow, there are fee-based plans that are quite reasonable. (Basic reports are also provided under the free plan).

Constant Contact

This full-service site has a 60-day free trial with amazing templates that are about as easy as it gets. A lot of design options, and, if you decide to stay after the 60 days, there are some pretty amazing features.
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