Top 5 Cyber Security Companies

 Top 5 companies for cyber security

With theft being the most usual of activity when we talk about security, safeguarding our assets has become all the more of a priority in the 21st century. What has become even more of a dilemma is the need to safeguard technology with technology itself.

Yes, this might sound like an amalgamation of a twisted story but this by far is the truth. With so many advancements every second, the world of internet and tech has become more prone to sabotage, making all vulnerable to many more dangers which they could likely face in contrast to what the situation was 2 decades okay. 
When we talk about technology, we mostly refer to the online as well as the offline world of the internet; virtual you may call it. Everything has become linked and enormously attainable through the very network systems and bridges we make in order to protect us and our information in the very first place, making it a very vicious cycle running on its own when there is a breakthrough.

To sum it up, technology is the victim, technology is the intruder and technology is the saviour. Interesting, isn’t it? It very most is. We refer to the world of technology as cyber space.

With the ever growing importance of security needed for this cyber space, many organizations around the world have dedicated themselves to coming up with solutions to increased security against protecting people from cyber crimes. When cyber crime is escalating, so is the cyber security industry expanding. This is in retaliation to the rapidly developing need for computer security.

When talking about estimated scores and according to Cybersecurity Ventures, the industry of Cyber Security is expected to grow from about $70 billion in 2014 to nearly an excess of $155 in 2019 which is great development.

The companies which fall into the loop for Cyber Security are compiled in a very vast list. To begin with a few, below are the top 5 Cyber Security companies.


Talking about FireEye, being highly applauded by Bloomberg TV, Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek alongside many more, FireEye is a publically traded company. It has a market capital of around about $6.49 billion based on the New York Stock exchange.

The unique aspect about FireEye is that it has invented a purpose built, virtual machine-based, security platform, which provides real-time threat protection to various enterprises and governments internationally against cyber attacks which has become something alarming in today’s world.

Mentioning statistics, FireEye is host to 3,400 customers spread out in more than 67 countries around the world and is a client to 500 fortune companies.


Lancope is an American privately owned company which was founded in 2000. Over the course of years, Lancope has managed to become one of the top cyber security companies. Lancope has been able to brand its name as “the leading provider of network visibility and security intelligence to defend enterprises against today’s top threats.”

Lancope enables organisations to detect numerous and rather all kinds of cyber threats and enables an automated accelerated incident response through its various gadgets including its StealthWatch system.


Privately owned, AilenVault was founded in 2007 in California. It is marvellous to know that in such a short span of time, AlienVault has been able to come off as a promising company in order to reach the top 5 list of Cyber Security companies in the United States of America.

The products which are produced by AlienVault as to fit and accommodate middle sized organisations. These middle sized organisations have requirements which range with having a single, effective guard against a variety of cyber threats. The management system introduced by AlienVault is by the name of “Unified Security Management” platform.

This management system ensures that the security controls required are specifically designed to assist its cliental base with the benefits of Cyber Security from day as means of ensuring customer satisfaction of building their organisation. AlienVault also most recently announcement of the beta release of the OTX 2.0 which is the open threat exchange.

This OTX will allow the community of all OTX users to come together on one platform to discuss ideas, threats, and news. What really will happen through this is that there will be an open community thus knitted a bond between all the users and the organisation itself.


Norse is an organisation which was founded in 2010. Norse has indeed developed itself to become and be a part of the top cyber security companies in a live attack scenario of intelligence. They have dramatically improved their state and their “performance, catch-rate, and return on-investment of [a company’s] entire security infrastructure.”

The innovative system introduced by Norse processes and provides more than hundreds of terabyte data against a seven petabyte attach history database. During this process, it was weighing over 1,500 variables in order to evaluate and take risks against real-time scores for the IP addresses and URL’s for its clients.

This company has indeed marked its territory instilling itself in the industry of Cyber Security. There is a lack of real-time threat with an average of $10 million per year. The very essence of Norse is to take pre-emptive measures since when the minute something is compromised and measures are taken there and then, the damage has been reduced by 40% which is the very standing of Norse.

Easy Solutions

Easy Solutions is “the only security vendor focused on the comprehensive detection and prevention of electronic fraud across all devices, channels and clouds.” Easy Solutions has a cliental base which mostly consist of banks against activities such as stolen credit cards, insecure online portals, phishing, and fraud ever since its inception in 2007 in Florida, USA.

Easy Solution is a privately held company which has statistics which boil to 60 million individuals and 220 major companies including institutions which comprise of its customers. Easy Solutions has been striving through the years in order to retain its name against the top notch cyber security systems.

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