5 Android Price Comparison Apps In India

If you have ever shopped online, you would be privy to the fact that the same product is being sold by atleast 100 ecommerce websites online. With so many online retailers and varying price for the same product across the Internet it tales a little time and effort to find out the website that offers it in lowest price.

A platform was required that maintained database of price if most product on all websites so that time and effort of the users can be saved. Several industrialists where quick to realise this need and price comparison websites have come up. Here are top 5 price comparison apps in India that are free to download and enjoy a good rating from users.

 PriceRaja is an up and coming price comparison website that has put up a free to download app on Google Play Store for its Android smartphone users. This app has been designed to replicate the website in its entirety, which means features like value for money meter, spec score and product comparison are now available at your fingertip. This app also has a dedicated and comprehensive deals section that is being updated regularly with deals from discounts on products to online flight booking. The app also sends the best deals of the day through push notifications on your smartphone so that you do not miss out on any exciting offer. The popularity of this app can be determined from the fact that it has been downloaded around 50,000 times and has a user rating of 4.3 on 5.


Counted among the most reputed and oldest price comparison website around, Mysmartprice also has its own app hosted on the Play Store, which is free to download. If the app page on Play Store is to be believed, more than 100 online shopping websites are scanned regularly to bring best price of over 10 million products to your smartphone. Mysmartprice also offers a detailed deals and coupons segment that is updated regularly by the website. This free to download app on Play Store enjoys a rating of 4.1 and is one of the recommended apps.


Another impressive price comparison app that is free to download on Play Store is 91mobiles. Unfortunately, this app is limited only to mobiles, tablets and laptops. However, the limited focus in categories means that app has enhanced features designed for these categories. 91Mobiles comes with advanced features like chat with experts, smart search, brand-wise price list and 91score. However, being a niche app, 91mobiles is only useful for those who are looking for a smartphone or laptop and once you have brought the desired product, this app becomes useless.


Just like Mysmartprice, Smartprix also happens to be one of the oldest and reputed price comparison platform in India. It also has a free to download app on Play Store, which is an extension to its revered website. Smartprix app developer has wrapped all the features of PriceRaja and Mysmartprice combined in the attractive Material design from Android, which makes it easy on eyes. Smartprix stands out from the competition as it offers exclusive deals provided to it by major ecommerce websites.


Buyhatke is a recent addition to the price comparison industry with a free to download app that offers almost all features stated above. This app comes with features like price trend graph, price alert sync and price drop alert for the convenience of its users. The USP of the app is that its shows relevant coupons or deals to the user when they are checking out, with just a click on show coupons button. Majority of apps mentioned above do not have this feature, which makes Buyhatke stand out of the crowd.

These apps are the lifeline for any online shopper in India as they store and display the best deals and lowest price. The user does not have to install numerous individual apps from online shopping websites. A must have for any online shopper who wish to save time and efforts spent on research.

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