15 Amazing iPhone Accessories

Some really cool and Amazing iPhone Accessories

Developers have made a lot of gadgets and accessories to go with iPhones in order to make the experience of the users better and worthwhile. Speakers, cases and earphones are few of the most common accessories that are out there for iPhones. Enlisted below are a few other iPhone gadgets other than the regular ones that you may not know of.


(By: RAVPower )

If you own an iPhone and don’t want to worry about carrying extra cables then you have to check this gadget out by RAVPower. This might look like your average everyday external battery but the power plug is actually built in so you don’t need an extra cable to charge it. On top of it, it also features an MFI certified lightning cable so like I have mentioned already, you won’t need any extra cables. Most models that feature a lightning cable are usually around 2500 to 3000 mAh but this one is packing a massive 9000 mAh. So your iPhone is going to get a tone of juice.

Key for Lightning To Usb Cable

(By: Nomad )

The first lightning cable is by Nomad and it is a 3 inch Apple MFI certified lightning cable that pops onto your keychain.

However, if you’re not the keychain kinda guy or gal then Amazon basics has another option which is also Apple certified. This is 2 meters but it’s retractable so this is ideal for a backpack or a purse because it’s not going to take up a lot of space but it will give you that length that you need to use it as an external battery or a USB charger.

Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

(By: JayBird )

This accessory is for people who work out and go to gym. It’s perfect for you if you’re one of those people who think that music makes their work out a million times easier and more enjoyable. The problem is that getting the music into your head usually requires wires that get in your way. The JayBird Bluetooth headphones connect wirelessly to your phone via Bluetooth. They also have a nice design which locks the earphones in your ears while you are working out and they are not going to fall out. There is built in control so you can actually leave your phone out of sight in your bag. It also has a lifetime warranty against sweat.


(By: Twelve South )

This will work with the iPad as well but the focus of this video is the iPhone. This is the absolute best accessory that you can get not only for you iPhone but also for your desk as it makes things looking clean and tidy. You can adjust the holder with the case as well.

Neo Hybrid Metal Case

(By: Spigen )

If you’re a klutz like me and drop your phone from time to time, one of the best accessories you can get for your iPhone of course is a case. This comes in a handful of different colors. It’s made up of the aluminum frame and TPU so you’re going to get the best of both worlds as far as protection goes.

Invisible Shield Glass Screen Protector

(By: Zagg )

This is a tempered glass screen protector. When you get an iPhone you don’t want to scratch up your screen or crack it when you drop it. So getting a screen protector is one of the first things you should do when you get an iPhone. The ZAGG invisible glass protector is one of the best. This protector is razor thin so it’s not going to add any extra thickness to your device.


(By: SprngClip )

Sprng clips are great accessories that actually help keep those Apple earplugs in your ears. They come in a variety of beautiful and different colors and they are great for exercising or just sitting and listening to music. They are also very affordable.

Classic Shell

(By: Tech 21 )

If you don’t like bulky phone cases then this accessory is for you. It is thin but it also provides excellent protection. The case absorbs any sort of shock when you drop your phone. This case is also very stylish and subtle.

Mophie Juice Pack

(By: Mophie )

We all know that the iPhone battery is not that good and if you don’t like bulky external batteries then this juice pack case is perfect for you. The H2PRO will put you iPhone in beast mode with its 2750 mAh built in battery. It is also water proof so you don’t have to worry about spilling water on it. Overall this battery case is definitely worth checking out.

Samdi New Wooden Cell Phone Stand

(By: Samdi )

This dock looks amazing and it will certainly blend in any modern home. The rose gold and bamboo finish look absolutely stunning. If you’re looking for a premium dock then you shouldn’t look any further.

iQi Mobile Wireless Charging Receiver

(By: iQi )

If you’re a fan of wireless charging then you should check out this product. This card simply pops in your lightning port and folds around the back of your device. When installed, your iPhone can charge wirelessly.

Protective Film

(By: Slickwraps )

Slickwraps are perfect for those looking to protect their device without bulking it. They can also be used by people who want to personalize their iPhones.

Car Mount Holder

(By: iOttie )
This is the iOttie universal smartphone mount. The silicon around the edge keeps your iPhone protected and allows you to easily place your phone inside with one hand. The 70mm suction cup will also keep this secure and prevent unwanted vibrations.

Stratus Wireless Gaming Controller

(By: SteelSeries )

This is something really cool for gamers. This Bluetooth controller feels very premium whilst also being lightweight. The middle panel opens up with a holder for your iPhone making it a very nice portable games console.

NFC Tags

(By: TagsForDroid )

It’s a small tag with a chip inside where you can store some commands. This chip is used for wireless transactions from your phone through Apple pay. So you can stick this tag in a particular place in your home or in your car.

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