How to Download Torrent Anonymously

How to stay anonymous while downloading content using torrent

Downloading torrents is fairly easy, but there clings a shadow of doubt about the legality of torrents. The fact remains that torrents are legal, but some of them remain illegal in a sense that such torrent files contain copyrighted material. This is the reason why, torrent users are occasionally taken to task when it comes to illegal torrent downloading.

Such is the menace of illegal torrent downloads, even Google has come under pressure to remove one billion pirate links from its search results. But, as the saying goes, the harder you hit, the harder it returns. Hence, the torrent lovers have continued to show their love for torrents. There are more than 150,000 torrent downloads available, and therefore the seeding and leeching practice continues in full throttle.

Threats to torrenting remain. The torrent lovers remain undeterred as well. Keeping in view the growing percentages of torrent downloads on a daily basis, it’s time to dig deep into the torrent downloading phenomenon and learn about how to download torrents more securely than before. This is a step-by-step guide.

1. Make Use of a Torrent VPN or a Proxy

One of the easiest ways to download torrents safely, is to make yourself anonymous online. There are many tools available, which an individual can use to make oneself anonymous. One can easily anonymous his/her identity by using a virtual private network (VPN) connection or a proxy. 

A VPN essentially hides a user’s IP address, thus making the individual anonymous over the internet. This makes it favorite tools for hackers. Let’s see what happens when a torrent VPN is enabled.

When you use a torrent VPN, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) oversees the data that you are transferring or sending from your system to another system. It can’t figure out if the data is a torrent file or any other data form. It’s the magic wonder of the encryption mechanism that VPNs use to hide a user’s data.

There is not only the ISP that monitors a torrent user’s activities. There are the so-called third party snoopers. By using a torrent VPN, one can easily remain safe from their prying eyes. It’s the pseudo IP again that helps a user stay safe online. Every time an individual connects to the internet with a torrent VPN, the IP address changes. 

Hence saving the user from being hacked. It’s better to connect with a non-US or a non-UK IP address so that the user ensures complete safety over the internet. In order to start using a VPN service, one must subscribe for it first. Once you are connected with a VPN then you can safely download torrents anonymously.

2. Make Your IP Address Safe with IP Protection Tool

Now that one has decided to download torrents, the individual needs to ensure that the IP address remains safe as ever. The irony is that even if your IP address is safe, one can come across a host of un-friendly IP addresses while downloading a torrent file. This is the case, one can face, more often than not.

Therefore, in order to keep the bad or one can say, unfriendly IP addresses at bay, one needs to make use of an IP address protection tool. There are many such tools available, but you should opt for the best one, as the individual using an anonymous VPN service deserves the best.

These IP protection tools work just like a firewall, in a sense that they protect a user’s privacy. These tools go a step further by filtering out the possible unfriendly IP addresses that tend to connect a VPN user to so called black lists, compiled by other torrent users. It helps the user to separate P2P lists that block other irrelevant IP addresses.

3. Check Out The Transmitting IP From The VPN App You are Using

By now, the torrent user is ready to download, upload, and share your torrent files with ease. But there is one small thing that a user must pay attention to. All the users are advised to keep a check on the IP address that the torrent VPN app transmits at the time of connection. This practice comes in handy, while ensuring that no snoopers are able to catch a user’s IP address. An individual can confirm one’s transmitting IP address by running a test.

These testing websites help users check if the VPN connection is masking the IP address the right way or not. Once this test is passed, i.e. when it is confirmed that the VPN is masking the IP address, the right way, and is not transmitting a user’s original IP address, it’s the right time to start downloading and sharing torrents. Go for it.

4. Protect Yourself on Torrent Indexers and Other Websites

As a torrent geek, one is surprised to experience the number of torrents available on different websites. Even if one dares, the individual will be unable to download all the torrents. And not all torrents are there to be downloaded as it may not be of your interest.

One thing that torrent users need to keep in mind that they should take utmost care when visiting torrent indexing websites, torrent-related fora, and other movie and TV show related websites. As a torrent downloader, or a torrent uploader, one must ensure that the individuals always remains under the pseudo IP cover. Most of the torrent users tend to forget this precaution.

For instance, if a user has downloaded a torrent file two days ago, without using a torrent VPN, then one must have browsed the internet with the original IP address. This is where, the snoopers have the opportunity to catch that individual. Remember that all search engines, torrent indexing websites tend to keep track of a user’s IP address.

These websites and the search engines provide a good opportunity for data snoopers to get hold of the original IP address used during the torrenting activity. These websites tend to collect user’s information with the help of the IP address and can use that particular information against that user. Hence, the torrent users are strictly advised to stay anonymous on torrent indexing websites.

5. All Set to Download Torrents Anonymously And Without Any Fear

This is the final step. Now, after taking care of the four steps mentioned above, a user can safely download one’s desired torrents without any fuss and fear. Now, there is no danger of an individual user’s information and privacy breach. Now, a user can enjoy torrenting with flawless speed and optimum speed.

There are many torrent clients available, but as a dedicated torrent geek, the individual deserves the best torrenting VPN connection and service to enjoy the torrenting experience to the fullest.


This brings me to the end of this blog. In this blog, I have listed five important steps for torrent users, so as to help them download, upload and share their torrent files with their friends and colleagues in a convenient manner, without any hassle.

There are many more ways to download torrents safely and anonymously. I have just listed the five steps, I think are most important. Now, it’s your turn to contribute to this blog with your suggestions and opinions. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas in the comments section below.

Brad Haddin is an avid blogger, who loves to write about technology and Entertainment. After completing his MS in Computer Sciences, from the University of California, he opted to work as a technology journalist. He is currently working as a technical Community Manager at Ivacy VPN. His recent interest is in Networking, particularly P2P file sharing and related services such as VPN for torrenting. When free, he opts to listen to music and travel to picturesque destinations to refresh his instincts.

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