6 Best Personal Cloud Storage

Awesome Personal Cloud Storage To Save Data

Personal data is growing everyday. We have pictures, videos and various documents that needs to kept safe and backed up for future. There are many online cloud storage providers available however you may not always feel comfortable storing your data on internet.

For several years , people have kept their own external hard drive and take backup of data once in a while. In recent past, some very useful personal storage drives have been released by multiple manufacturers. These drives are much smarter than usual USB external drives. This is called a personal cloud storage.

An innovative technology and an intangible entity, personal cloud storage is primarily used for storage and collection of digital content. This content includes documents, photos and videos that can be stored, synchronized, shared and streamed; it can be moved from one location, screen or platform to another.

You can use these storage solutions from almost any device including mobile phones. Therefore they make your life a lot easier in terms of backing up data from multiple sources.

WD 4TB My Cloud Personal Network Attached Storage – NAS – WDBCTL0040HWT-NESN

(By: Western Digital )
Enjoy the Best Personal Cloud Storage unit in addition with internal hard drive of your computer. Access your files online anywhere in the world with the storage unit at your home. This storage unit backs up and centralizes all your content at a safe place that can be controlled and accessed only by you and people who are approved by you. You can upload, save and access videos and photos from mobiles and tablets. It also has numerous other features such as fast file transfers, high-performance media streaming, expandable storage and so on.

Apple Time Capsule 2TB ME177LL/A [5th Generation]

(By: Apple )
Now you can build and store memories of a lifetime with this wireless hard drive that offers a comprehensive Wi-Fi base station with dual-band support. This product offers a 3 TB hard drive with a beam-forming antenna array and 802.11ac technology. With a 3x faster Wi-Fi, this product offers a clearer and stronger signal that transmits at both 5GHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies simultaneously. Due to this, the wireless device connects to the best possible band and gives the best performance. The base station also has 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports that enable users to connect with network drives, desktop computers and print the required documents.

Click to open expanded view Synology DiskStation 2-Bay Diskless Private Cloud NAS (DS214se)

(By: Synology )
If you don’t want to spend a lot of money for purchase of personal cloud storage, this product is the best choice. The main reason behind it is the fact that this is best 2-bay NAS device that has the capability to host, share and protect data. The DSM Package centre of this product offers various packages to enable beginners to explore unlimited possibilities of a budget-friendly product. Some features of this product include hassle-free installation of the system, DLNA-Certified Media Server and a low power consumption of 19W.

QNAP TS-251 2-Bay Personal Cloud NAS, Intel 2.41GHz Dual Core CPU with Media Transcoding (TS-251-US)

(By: QNAP )
Enjoy a high-capacity and high performance storage solution at your home with an innovative QTS operating system. This storage unit uses powerful yet an easy-to-use NAS for various purposes such as home entertainment, remote access, file synchronization, data backup and building of a personal cloud system. Also known as the best NAS storage unit, this machine can also be defined as the 1st consumer-grade NAS that has integrated virtualization technology. With minimal effort, the user can manage all virtual machines with the easy-to use interface. Moreover, with this storage unit, the user can now centralize, share and backup all their files at one place.

Seagate Personal Cloud Home Media Storage Device 3TB NAS STCR3000101

(By: Seagate )
Enjoy cloud storage facilities free; to store all important documents, videos, photos at one place. It’s one of the best home network storage units. The user can share files and folders with completely secure URL links. With this, the user can also back up files and folders on any electronic device at home such as an Android or iOS device, PC and Mac. The storage unit supports Plex Media server for organization of media files and enables streaming at any device supported by Plex such as TiVo, Playstation, Xbox and Apple TV.

Drobo 5D: Direct Attached Storage – 5 bay array with mSATA SSD acceleration – USB 3 and Thunderbolt ports (DRDR5A21)

(By: Drobo )
Specially designed for meeting the requirements of demanding media professionals, this is one of the best storage for home network product that features various cutting-edge technologies such as the award-winning BeyondRAID technology, USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt connectivity. The product also showcases an innovative use of solid state drives. The user can backup and store his personal data as well as edit videos and photos with BeyondRAID technology with single-or dual-drive redundancy in an event of multiple drive failure. You can add or swap drives without any downtime for the purpose of storage expansion.
Personal cloud storage represents the next-generation computing service that is created on connected applications and services. The use of personal cloud storage has enabled people to store, access and share digital content anytime in a secure manner. In addition, it has taken the flexibility of transferring files to a new level.

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