Bluemix vs Node.js

Enhance your experience with Node.js and IBM Bluemix SDK and battle your competitors!

So we hear you’ve made amends with the kingdom of Node.js… But while you were getting all friendly and drinking beers together, enemies from all over Europe have become eager to take your place. So there is only one way to keep befriended: be better than your opponent!

How to win? We send you to battle at kingdom Coderpower, a platform for developers. Learn, practice and compete to enhance your coding skills across six challenges. Each takes one hour of battling. Every Wednesday, a new challenge brings you one step closer to being the global leader of Europe in the €1000 prizepool!

Of course, we understand that you want to train a bit first in order to be ruler of the Bluemix and Node.js Battle. Get in shape with the warm-ups and tutorials we provide here.

Not only do you make your friendship stronger, you build up experience and your chances to win. For each of the six challenges, there is a smartphone-controlled SmartPlane to win. And if you end up the best coder of all… you can win €500 in cash!

Join now and battle immediately to show the enemy your Node.js skills!

Summary Of Challenge

  • 6 weeks – 6 challenges to manipulate the IBM Bluemix SDK in the Bluemix & Node.js Battle! 
  • Every Wednesday a new challenge makes you enhance your skills and brings you one step closer to be the global leader of the challenge.
  • 1 SmartPlane is offered each week. If you are the fiercest battler amongst all, we offer you €500 in cash!
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