9 Best Wifi Hard Drives

List of Best Wifi Hard Drives

If you have a tablet or a smartphone, mobile wireless drives are great accessories. These are generally portable drives having a built-in battery along with embedded Wi-Fi network. The internal storage of the Wi-Fi drive acts as the backup destination along with the destination for storing the streaming content. You can load large number of videos, music, photos and enjoy them when you are out. This article will help you understand few of the top Wi-Fi hard drives and assist you to choose the most suitable.

Apple Time Capsule 3TB ME182LL/A [NEWEST VERSION]

(By: Apple )

The Apple Time Capsule Wi-Fi hard drive comes with 2 TB and 3 TB storage capacities. This hard drive works with the Time Machine in OS X and creates a no-hassle backup solution for your media and documents. It has fully featured Wi-Fi base station that is built with the latest 802.11ac technology. It is built with new higher design that helps in dispersing the uninterrupted Wi-Fi signal. This easy setup iOS and OS X device is 3.85 inch square base and 6.6 inches height.

LaCie FUEL 1TB Wireless Storage with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and USB 3.0 (9000436U)

(By: LaCie )

LaCie FUEL wireless storage comes with a capacity of 1 TB and 2 TB. It is built in 802.11 b/g/n technology and comes with latest USB 3.0. It can be expanded to Apple iPad capacity without internet or cables. You can use this wireless storage with five devices via the mobile app and share your favorite files. You can also stream your favorite videos to Airplay devices and Apple TV.

WD 4TB My Cloud Personal Network Attached Storage – NAS – WDBCTL0040HWT-NESN

(By: Western Digital )

The Western Digital My Cloud had disk wireless drive comes with 2, 3, 4 and 6 TB storage. You can use this drive for backing up your files from all your computers. You can also access, upload and save media from your mobile devices. Your media files can also be streamed to the DLNA/UPnP-certified connected TVs, gaming consoles and media players. Your media is secured with password protection and industry leading warranty.

Synology DiskStation 2-Bay (2x 3TB NAS Drives) Private Cloud NAS (DS214se 2300)

(By: Synology )

This comes in a unique package that contains 2 units of 2 TB or 3 TB hard disks and also is available in diskless variant. This is a DLAN certified media server that consumes low power of 19W. This hard drive is a hassle-free installation and runs on Synology Disk Station Manager (DSM). It is budget-friendly two-way NAS device and comes with a capability of hosting, sharing and protecting data.

Seagate Personal Cloud Home Media Storage Device 4TB NAS STCR4000101

(By: Seagate )

The Seagate personal cloud home media storage device comes with 3, 4 and 5 TB storage capacity. You can use this device as the central and secure place for storing all your files – whether media or documents. This device can be used for backing up multiple PC and Mac computers along with mobile devices using free apps. Seagate Media App is the one that you can use to free up space on a mobile device.

WD 4TB My Cloud EX2 Network Attached Storage – NAS – WDBVKW0040JCH-NESN

(By: Western Digital )

Western Digital storage device comes with varied capacity with the lowest capacity of 4 TB and highest capacity of 12 TB. This device is perfectly suitable for small office or home and comes with advance features like two-bay NAS. It is featured with full suite of apps that gives you a truly customized experience. It comes with multiple drive management options – JBOD, RAID 0 & 1 and spanning. You data remains secure with data protection options like USB, RAID 1 and LAN/WAN or cloud backup.

Cheaper Alternatives For Non Wifi Hard Drive Owners

The below cheaper alternatives are the non-Wi-Fi hard drives that will help you convert a wired hard drive into wireless hard drive for very less cost.

SD Card Reader, RAVPower Wireless Hard Drive Companion, WiFi Bridge 3000mAh External Battery USB Charger -Filehub White

(By: RAVPower )

This device acts as the backup storage that enables transfer of files between USB drives, SD cards and your devices like camera, tablets or smartphone. It is a SD card USB reader that recognizes USB flash drives, SDXC, SDHC cards and any other hard drive wirelessly, by using the app. It has an external battery 3000mAh capacity that can be an emergency battery backup. This device enables seamless media streaming.

RAVPower Filehub, 5 in 1 SD Card USB Reader Wireless Hard Drive Companion WiFi Bridge Sharing Media Streamer NAS 3000mAh External Battery Pack, Black

(By: RAVPower )

This is a 5 in 1 SD card USB reader that is a wireless hard drive. It is a perfect companion for Wi-Fi bridge sharing and seamlessly streams your media files. The external 3000mAh battery pack acts as the external power backup. It can easily recognize your USB flash drives, SDHC and SDXC cards and it does the same wirelessly via an app. It creates a secure Wi-Fi network for sharing media with your friends and family.

Toshiba Canvio Wireless Adapter for External Hard Drives (HDWW100XKWF1)

(By: Toshiba )

This device acts as a wireless storage for uploading files form your smartphone, laptop or tablet to a portable hard drive. The device has unique technology called Internet pass-through mode that offer uninterrupted simultaneous Internet access to the Canvio wireless adaptor. This is a travel friendly adaptor as it is small and easy to carry. It works with both Windows (8.1 and above) and Mac PCs (OS X 10.7 and above).

This article has given you a choice of both Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi alternative hard drives. Though all the mentioned devices have great features and are built with modern technology, it depends on the requirement of the individual for choosing the right device.

This article has given you a choice of both Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi alternative hard drives. Though all the mentioned devices have great features and are built with modern technology, it depends on the requirement of the individual for choosing the right device.

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