40+ Best Freebies Websites

What is the difference between Freebie, Sweepstakes, Giveaway & Contest? and where to get free stuff?

Do you like Free stuff? Well who does not like them. The web is full of free stuff, however you need to know the best places to find them. There are thousands of Contests Sweepstakes & Giveaways happening everyday. Many people are winning free stuff on various websites.

Many scams are also happening at the same time, therefore you need to be really careful in choosing where to post your information. In this article we have listed down some trusted sources to find various ways of getting freebies online.

What is the difference between Freebie, Sweepstakes, Giveaway & Contest?

In the context of winning free things on web – the main difference is – each of them are conducted differently. However the purpose is same for all – Promotion/advertising. Below are some more details on each.

What is a Freebie

Below is the dictionary definition of Freebie from a quick Google search.

This youtube video explains what it means.

What is Sweepstakes

Below is the dictionary meaning of it from a quick Google search. Sweepstakes are also legally defined term and have been protected by law.

What is a Giveaway

Below is the dictionary meaning of it from a quick Google search.

What is a Contest

Below is the dictionary meaning of it from a quick Google search.

How To Get Free Stuff

Most online marketers are willing to give aways rewards for promoting their products on various channels. This means its actually not free. They want you to help them promote their product.

Key Tips To Participate in Any Online Free Product Affair

Below are some key tips you can use to safely participate in any of the web based freebie related affair.


  • Do not use your main communication accounts. E.g. (gmail, facebook, twitter and others). Create new set of accounts for all freebie related needs. Use them for only freebie related purposes. This way you will not spam your real friends.
  • Do not provide any sensitive information. No social security, no date of birth details, no credit cards etc.
  • Do not participate in any activity that require you to make a payment. Many scams steal money from people by making false promises.


  • Create accounts in all possible social networks so you can promote products everywhere.
  • Connect with more people on various social networks. Bigger network increases your chances of winning since promoters like you.
  • Be active on your social networks. Share non promotional content on all social networks so your accounts do not look spam.

Coupon Sites

There are plenty of coupon sites on the web however we have not covered them in this article. If you are shopping in India you may find coupondaddy a good source for mobile phone recharge using freecharge coupons and various paytm offers to save money.

  1. Popular Sub-reddits For Freebies

    Reddit is my favorite source of freebies. Mainly for trusted freebies. These forums are very popular and strictly moderated to avoid spammers.

  2. Freebies On Fromdev is a technology website. It frequently publishes freebies, contests and sweepstakes offered by various vendors and partners.

  3. Hey Its Free

    Popular source of various freebies and coupon codes for good deals.

  4. Hunt For Freebies

    Yet another place to find free stuff and samples.

  5. Giveaway Promote

    A independent website where most giveaways are promoted. Best place to get wide variety of giveaways.

  6. Google+ Community For Freebies And Giveaways

    A moderated Google+ community of freebies and giveaways where variety of options are available and participants can discuss.

  7. Sweeps Advantage

    Good source of sweepstakes and giveaways.

  8. Facebook Community For Freebies And Giveaways

    A moderated community of freebies and giveaways where variety of options are available and members can discuss.

  9. Raffle Copter

    A useful tool that is used by promoters to host giveaways, contest and freebies.

  10. Gleam

    Another popular tool that is used by promoters to host giveaways, contest and freebies.

  11. Blog Giveaway Directory

    A directory of various giveaway websites and sources.

  12. Luck Day For You

    Enter in contests and earn fabulous prizes as well as giveaways from organic skincare products to sunglasses and cameras

  13. Online Sweepstakes For You

    This website offers a comprehensive directory of sweepstakes for the interested readers all over the country.

  14. Win Sweepstakes And Prizes

    This website offers a comprehensive and large directory of free contests and sweepstakes that offers a range of prizes from mulberry candles to football tickets.

  15. Promotion Of Giveaways

    This website is one of the leading giveaway directories that feature contests, sweepstakes and giveaways of latest products in the market.

  16. Promotion Of Sweepstakes

    This is one of the most popular online communities where members as well as visitors can submit their names for different online sweepstakes.

  17. Submit New Sweepstakes

    This is one of the most popular blogs that lists the best contests and sweepstakes in the US. The readers can check the website on a regular basis and participate.

  18. Free Bies For You

    This website offers all the best freebies on the internet at one place. The user can visit the website and download the best e-books and other free stuff.

  19. Best Online Deals For You

    This is one of the best online community forums that offer the best deals and coupons for online shopping as well as sweepstakes and contests for the members.

  20. Free Stuff For U

    Register free and enjoy total free stuff offered by reputable brands across the country. The range of category extends from gift cards to automotive stuff.

  21. Register A New Contest And Win Cash

    Register a new contest for free as the website covers areas all over the world and one can win a chance to earn $250 in the monthly draw.

  22. List A Contest And Promote Your Products

    Promote a giveaway contest on this website and reach thousands of potential customers. The giveaways can range from a gift card to books and cameras.

  23. Register A New Contest And Market The Products

    Enter a new online contest, sweepstakes or giveaway prizes and reach their registered members, visitors as well as verified subscribers free.

  24. Register Your Contest With Interactive Community

    This website offers the latest deals, giveaways as well as sweepstakes to members of its interactive community after identifying the best offers.

  25. Sweepstakes Mania 24X7

    This website offers an extensive list of contests, sweepstakes and giveaways for members in the US as well as other parts of the world.

  26. One Of The Best Giveaway Sites

    This is the best giveaway site that collates the best deals from Amazon, others sales and deals all over the internet.

  27. Submit Your Giveaways

    Submit your giveaways here and reach out to thousands of giveaway seekers in the US.

  28. Submit And Share Nationwide Sweepstakes

    Submit and share nationwide sweepstakes here and earn free stuff

  29. Submit A Contest For Yoru Products

    Submit a contest and earn millions of dollars in cash as well as products that are given away daily on this website.

  30. Free Listing For Your Giveaway Products

    This website offers a free listing for your giveaway products and offers exposure to millions of contests to comtest lovers every day.

  31. Best Interactive Community For Coupons And Deals

    This isa great interactive web community that offers countless coupons and deals from various reputable brands every day.

  32. Everyone Loves Giveaways

    This website offers the latest and the best sweepstakes, coupon deals and giveaways for the members free.

  33. Free Promotion Of Various Contests

    This website offers free promotion of various contests and sweepstakes. The prizes of the contest range from gift cards to motorcycles.

  34. Best Place For The Promotion Of The Giveaways

    This is one of the best and cheapest places for the promotion of giveaways, contests and competitions online.

  35. Share The Latest Contests

    Get the latest information regarding sweepstakes, contests and giveaways from all over the US.

  36. Register And Get Lucky

    This website is home to the latest instant win games, contests and sweepstakes free. Register yourself and enjoy all the benefits.

  37. Register And Enjoy Unlimited Sweepstakes

    This is one of the best websites that offers the latest sweepstakes across the country.

  38. Best And The Largest Online Sweepstakes

    Register with the best, most navigable and the largest directory that includes free online sweepstakes and earn prizes online.

  39. Free Vectors On Web

    A list of best websites that provide vectors free of cost.

  40. Craigslist

    Craigslist is most popular choice for local freebies. You may find many free stuff posting on it and pickup locally.

  41. Free Samples

    Get free samples of variety of things.

I hope you found this list useful. Did we miss any good resource in this list? Please suggest us in comments and we will add it to the list.

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