7 Android Code Editor Apps for Developers

List of best code editing apps on android devices

Measured as the most powerful and popular operating system for smartphones, Android has caught the attention of numerous people worldwide. Even, there are various developers, who are also impressed with this platform because of its assorted features, functionalities and rich performance.

Being a professional android developer, if you are facing a problem while editing the source code on android devices, you must use android code editors that are considered as the best tools for cracking your source code issues. To make your devices like smartphones and tablets run smoothly anywhere and anytime, these tools are popular for writing and testing the source code efficiently.

Today, you can find numerous code editor tools at Android market, enabling you to perform your task easily, but make sure to choose those codes that are best in terms of features and functionalities. Below, I have listed 7 incredible code editors for you to make your coding work easy:

920 Text Editor 

The 920 Text Editor is the best code editor tool obtainable in the market, offering multi language support with all languages like DroidEdit. If your requirements are less and want a perfect editor, then you must check out 920 Text Editor. The tool comes with exclusive features like:

  • Allow to Run With Root Permissions
  • Auto Indentation
  • Show Line Numbers & Blank Characters
  • Toolbar for Instant Access
  • Show Recently Opened File History
  • Automatically Open File Encoding Detection


Next in our list is AIDE that stands for Android IDE. This android code editor tool is a fully integrated development environment for Android development. The tool allows users to code and develop android apps accurately on their android device without the need of a computer system. The tool equipped with following features:

  • Interactive Programming Lessons
  • Compatible With The Popular Desktop IDEs
  • Capability To Integrate With Dropbox for Uploading & Downloading Files
  • Allow to Learn Developing Java & Android Apps
  • Code Completion, Error checking, Refactoring & Smart Code Navigation


When it comes to DroidEdit, it is the most flexible and feature-rich text editor for Android users. The tool has top position in the market for delivering wonderful results. If you want to begin with the test editors, you should try out this tool. Enormous features of the DroidEdit are:

  • Allow to Search, Undo, Redo & Replace
  • Auto and Block Indention
  • Character Encoding Support
  • Runs on External Commands Through SSH & Root Mode
  • Multi Language Support Like HTML, C#, CSS, Python, SQL, JavaScript, LaTex
  • Pro-version includes SFTP, FTP, FTPS, Box and Dropbox


Considered as the most powerful tool for coding, Quoda is a multi language code editor. Being an easy code editing tool, it comes with an exclusive range of features that are required to make coding part a lot simpler. Comprehending your uploading requirements and deliver you a complete solutions, it is the best tool for you.

  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Line Bookmarking
  • Auto-Indentations
  • Auto-suggestions
  • Capability of Uploading Files to Number of FTP and FTPS Servers
  • Website Source Downloader
  • Preview For HTML Files & HTML Cleaner

WebMaster’s HTML Editor 

The WebMaster’s HTML Editor is a free lite version tool that has limited code completion support and doesn’t offer preview functionality. Moreover, users can opt for the $4.99 Pro version as well if they want to enjoy more advanced features.

  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Supports CSS, HTML, JavaScript & PHP
  • Undo/Redo
  • Works as a Source Code, Text & XML Editor
  • Pro Version Delivers Code Completion, Virtual keys for tags & popular keyphrases


If you are looking for free and cheap range of code editing apps, Touchqode is the one that best meet your requirements. It also comes with helping tutorials, FAQs and contact developers’ part. Moreover, the tool uses Google analytics in order to track the program and let you know how to disable the tracking.

  • Decent Documentation
  • Works as text Editor
  • GitHub Viewer Client Included with Pro
  • Integrated FTP and FTPS Client


Android Web Developer is the feature-rich tool that can be used easily and simply. Using this high-end tool, users can easily code and develop web projects from their smartphones and tablets. Moreover, this tool can also be used to edit and code for PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Attractive Features of this tool are:

  • Code Highlighting
  • Error Checking
  • Code Completion
  • Fast Navigation
  • A Tablet-ready User Interface


When it comes to CppDroid tool, it is a simple yet powerful integrated development environment for C and C++ development. This high-end tool brings the GCC compiler to Android. It enables you to code, edit, compile and execute C/C++ programs on your Android device without any effort.

  • Real-time Diagnostics & Fixes
  • Static Analysis
  • File & Tutorial Navigator
  • Capability of Auto Indentation & Auto Pairing

So, these are the top cod editors for android app developers that they need to consider while developing an android app.

Shahid Abbasi is a marketing consultant with Peerbits, a one-stop android app development company and the home of app enthusiasts. Shahid likes to be busy with his team, to provide top-notch mobility solutions to enterprises and startups. Follow Peerbits on Facebook.

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