What is Drupal & Why is It So Important CMS Worldwide

What is Drupal & Why is It So Important CMS Worldwide

Drupal is an open-source framework that has been designed to ease the management of content for the website. It provides a spectrum of customizing options that enable the developers to give a unique image to their websites. More than 100K developers and users are working behind maintenance & development of Drupal. At present, millions of business websites, blogging sites, community sites and other are running on this framework.

Drupal is a scalable content management system that empowers the businesses to innovate and build any kind of website. It has an extensive potential that leads the developers to think beyond the limit and deploy the out-of-the-box website that can deliver the enterprise solutions seamlessly. There are numerous plugins and modules available that ease the way for the coders to implement brilliant functionality in their website.

Drupal is developed using PHP programming language that is most popular among web developers. The framework is highly customizable and feature rich.

There are lots of amazing features associated with Drupal that are worth to be known; Let’s have a glimpse below.

Incredible Features Of Drupal CMS

Drupal has been bestowed with a list of incredible and powerful features that make it suitable for all kinds of business model. Here are some imperative aspects of this platform that make this the most used platform for website and application development.

Superb User Engagement

The framework of Drupal has been designed to streamline the users’ interaction with the website. This accounts for better revenue generation. Let’s explore more about this feature:

Enabled For Mobile Experience

This framework empowers the developers to build a responsive theme that can be accessible through different devices and delivers the expressive content. Along with this, there are amazing options that enable the developers to integrate highly-interactive interface for seamless experience. The easy-to-customize front-end enables the businesses to deploy the best drupal themes with their websites.

Supports Multilingual Content

It is easy for the administrators to build the website with the content of native language, so that maximum audience can interact with the website. This tends to boost the conversion rate and generate more sales for the business. Here, the administrator can manage the content according to different regions and geography.

Secure Architecture

The whole architecture of Drupal has been built with protective layer that ensures complete protection against different Cyber attacks so that the website can run smoothly. Have a glance below to know more:

Safe And Secure Against Threats

Drupal CMS features secure architecture that ensures the protection against data breaching and other Cyber attacks. Drupal’s community is working day and night to make the Drupal highly secure and safe for the users and businesses. It is recommended that the business should keep Drupal platform updated. Each and every security issue is handled confidentially and gets fixed in the minimum duration.

Highly Scalable

Drupal is highly scalable that means, it can handle extensive web traffic and keep the website up all-the-time. Be it a news portal or commerce based website, Drupal ensures that website does not experience any down time due to huge web traffic. All types of content can be handled here. Besides managing the huge traffic, this CMS helps the developers to build the brilliant website. The amazing fact is, the busiest website like is using Drupal for managing traffic.

Eases Content Management

Drupal supports an integrated environment that provides everything at one place so that the developers do not need to go anywhere else to find different functions that are required for the websites. Moreover, here it is easy to publish and manage the content. Explore more related to this feature:

Supports Flexibility In Content Management

Drupal supports flexible architecture in order to streamline the management of the content. Equipped with different display tools, Drupal presents the content according to different contexts. It also empowers the users to integrate the media files like images, videos, audio, and different formats of the contents.

Smart Content Publishing Tool

Equipped with brilliantly designed authoring tools, Drupal CMS simplifies the way for the users to create and publish the content for the website and mobile application. Moreover, this framework streamlines the workflow of the content development. It supports multiple users’ rights to ease the management of the website.

On-the-Go Content Publishing

On Drupal, the users can edit and publish the content through their mobile devices, iPhone, iPad, and Android device. Moreover, this CMS supports WYSIWYG editor that ensures the delivery of superb content. This platforms also maintains the history of the activities related to changing the content so that the administrator can revise the content. Along with this, if there are multiple editors working on the site, then Drupal can tell the website owner that who has done what.

Eases Defining Taxonomy

Besides streamlining the development of the content, Drupal enables the developers to create the structured content. Here, the developers can define the attributes for the content. Additionally, it is convenient to add Taxonomy that in turn eases the way for the administrators to search, modify and reuse the content.

Integrated Superb Technology

For fulfilling the requirements in terms of developing the website that can set the trends, Drupal CMS is built on the advanced technology and has been developed to support the set of the best technology. Let’s find out more about this feature:

Compatible With Third Party Plugin

This CMS can be easily integrated with multifarious third party plugins including CRM, marketing automation, Analytics and other marketing tools to ease the promotion of the services through the website. Moreover, the easy integration also helps the developers to boost the user’s engagement with the website that improves the conversion rate.

Advanced Technology

Drupal is built on PHP technology and supports an array of advanced technology including LAMP, Linux, Apache, and MySQL; that all ease the development of a next generation website. It is a platform that can go well with an agile-centric development strategy. This is highly flexible to use.

Drupal Popularity

Drupal is very popular CMS based on Google search trends. Though wordpress is the leader in CMS tool, drupal surely a good option for businesses. See below search trends showing drupal popularity against other CMS.

Easy To Learn Drupal

Drupal is extremely easy to learn. Anyone can start using it without prior knowledge of a programming language.

Though knowing programming in PHP may help you do advanced stuff, it is absolutely not required for most Drupal users to learn about it.

Easy To Find Help On Drupal

Drupal is the most popular CMS therefore finding a quick help in internet is not difficult. Many blogs exclusively share Drupal tips and tutorials.

You can also visit discussion forums and message board websites to ask a question. However most of the time you will find an answer by simple doing a search on internet.

Easy To Hire Drupal Freelancers

Drupal has largest community of freelance developers. These developers are fast at development and problem solving. You can find good help at really low price.

Almost all established freelance websites have Drupal freelancers that are ready to work for you immediately.

Closing Thoughts

Drupal is a superbly designed secure content management framework that streamlines the way to build out-of-the-box and complex websites as well as applications that can run on all the technology.

It not only offers the best user-experience to the developers, but also helps the coder to build incredible website that can please the end users. Hopefully, you now know all about Drupal. You can share your thoughts about this CMS via comment section given below.

The blog has been penned by Bryan Lazaris, (@bryanlazaris) a web developer working with HireWebDeveloper. Blog writing is one of his hobbies and he makes it a point to share his knowledge and insight on the latest technological innovations, on-going trends, programming skills and much more. His experience and expertise are evident in his writing which has inspired many budding developers.
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