WordPress vs Magento : eCommerce Comparison

WordPress vs Magento a comparison of two ecommerce platforms for website owners

Are you running a website and planning to integrate stunning e-commerce functionality to make it appealing and goal-oriented? You will feel a bit overwhelmed after being known to varied options available over the web. The internet is a pool composed with several open source e-commerce platforms that make the task of choosing the one a little confusing for the website owners. Realizing great indispensability of the online stores, it is essential to pick an ideal platform enriched with exclusive features and utmost flexibility that flawlessly reap the profits of an e-commerce website.

For the development of an e-commerce website, two prominent platforms named WordPress and Magento are considered the excellent choice. However, both of the open source platforms are advantageous and posses utmost efficiency to amplify the revenues, but it is really a challenge task to decide which is ideal one. Everyone wants to rise his business opportunities at rapid pace using the most secure and robust platform that helps him multiply ROI with the consistent procession of time. To know the major concern of online merchants, we are here with a post that will surely aid you to comprehend that whether you should go with WordPress or Magento.

What To Examine Thoroughly Before Choosing An E-commerce Platform!

Before going to proceed about which is the best platform, we would like to share a few crucial things that you must keep in the mind.

Figure out your business size and understand that how will you plan to explore its scope in the near future.
Deep analysis of the market that you want to target and what are their basic requirements to sell the service/products successfully.
Your decision needs to be taken after considering these factors:

  • Management of the website
  • Cost-effective deployment and development
  • Leading open source platforms of the industry

WordPress Vs Magento: Comparison On The Basis Of Statistics

According to the usage stats that have been compiled by tracking the sites from across the world, approximately 3,99,233 sites run live globally built with WordPress (wooCommerce). Whereas, there are nearly 2, 21,623 e-commerce sites that have been developed using Magento platform.

Some Astonishing Facts Include:

WordPress, a blogging platform cum CMS, is used for creating above 60 million websites, which is 17% of all the sites. Even though, eBay website that is powered by Magento has their blogs section driven by WordPress.

WordPress in the CMS market holds 61% share and it is being used in almost 23.2% websites as the content management system. As per a survey, Magento as a CMS is popular, but mainly for development of e-commerce sites and from the topmost 1 million sites ranked by Alex, 23% are Magento powered e-commerce websites.

Popularity on Google Search

WordPress is far more popular as compared to Magento, However this is mainly due to its being using for general blogging purposes. Not all blogs do ecommerce therefore its difficult to measure ecommerce specific usage volume. Among ecommerce tools, Magento is the unanimous leader among other ecommerce software .

How To Decide Which Is The Right Choice: WordPress Or Magento!

To understand it astutely which platform can prove to be a good decision, you must go through the following points deeply that will help you choose the best one. In respect of e-commerce functionality, it is vital to focus on certain key aspects mentioned here:

Think About Your Website Mission

If there is only an aim to sell limited products or services, then go with WordPress, which caters remarkable plugins to fulfill this purpose stunningly. For an instance, you may also go through WordPress e-commerce plugins that are helpful to sell the products quickly or can setup a fresh site integrated with the functionality of shopping cart. This platform offers manifold useful plugins to embed the numerous e-commerce features along with outstanding functionality to your website.

If you want your online store with an array of products to be setup, then Magento is a perfect platform to meet the tailor-made needs of the businesses, whether complex or simple. Unlike WordPress, there is no add-on installation required to include the remarkable functionality of e-commerce. The sites built with Magento bring inbuilt e-commerce functions and features. Since, the WordPress plugins’ functionality is limited, none of you would be capable of executing its eCommerce capabilities efficiently.

Analyze Deeply Which Is The Best In Terms Of Security

Day to day, we hear about the website security attacks; thus, the security of the websites has turned to the primary concern amidst the website owners. The installation of WP 3rd party plugins, especially for the executing e-commerce needs, may take your website at risk. Therefore, these plugins are considered less worthy and bad choice in terms of online selling. Magento powered sites are secure, but WordPress sites are usually vulnerable to hacking.

Comparison On The Basis Of Flexibility

No one can ignore the stunning flexibility of WordPress platform, but when we discuss about including the eCommerce hosting, Magento is definitely a winner. The WordPress plugins for adding e-commerce features are good, but these are restricted in comparison of built-in Magento extension and modules that can possibly be used to integrate multiple e-commerce functionalities.

Learning Curve For Neophyte

For technophobe, WordPress is good as it is easy to operate and there is no need of too lengthy/wordy tutorials to implement the features and develop a site. For this purpose, you just require to have the basic knowledge. In aspects of ease and setting up, it is better than Magento and a quintessential platform for novices.

Magento is little complex in building & managing a website for those who are not abreast with the technology, which is very simple using WordPress. Even, Magento developers are expensive to hire in comparison to WordPress as creating & managing site through Magento can be intricate with the growing scale of your business.

There are plenty of magento tutorials available on web for free to learn.

Availability of Developers

WordPress and Magento both have plenty of developer available in job market. Most freelancing websites are full of people with good skill set on these platforms therefore getting affordable service is not difficult.

Sum Up

Both the platforms have own qualities; thus, popular as great CMSs. Choosing one to implement the powerful e-commerce functionality is onerous, so it is better to comprehend the major goals at the first. However, WordPress is ideal for keeping blogs on the site and selling a few products, whereas Magento is a suitable choice to develop the online store which is comparatively stronger to sell a vast array of products without any obstacle. In fact, setting up a site is quite easy with WordPress, but when it comes to growing an online business, then Magento deserves #1 choice for e-commerce features’ implementation.

Expertise in the website development, David Meyer is working with PSD to Magento Company – CSSChopper as an experienced developer. He is passionate for writing blogs enriched with impressive tactics and proven strategies based on varied CMS platforms.
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