How to Convert Video to GIF – Software Review

Looking at other people’s Gif pictures makes you a bit of jealous? Or you are just wondering how you can make your own Gif pictures out of your best video? No worry and look no further! We have prepared this review with some coolest tips on how to convert video to Gif with Video to Gif converter. And in the end, we have the free use gift for each of our review share readers.

Video to Gif can be installed on any Windows OS. Therefore if you have a Windows PC, you can feel free to use this software to make animated Gif pictures out of your favorite videos. It keeps amazing features for you to explore:

Perfectly Run On Windows 10

Some video to Gif converters can’t work with the brand new Windows 10 OS due to their bad performance on compatibility. Today’s Video to Gif is a winner in this field, which runs smoothly on Windows 10. In this point, it outruns the popular converters without doubts. Nobody hopes to see his software fail to operate after updating his Windows.

The Interface Of Video To Gif – Decent And User-friendly

To be honest, it takes a simple user interface, which allows users to master the operations quickly. By choosing [Load] from upside and finding your video directory, you can load your video. Alternatively, you can load your video by simply dragging it to its work area.

Supported Video Formats

If you have the experience of using other video converter for Gif, you knew the case before: Often alerting you that this or that software don’t support some specified video formats. Video to Gif in this review is such a good converter, which supports all format video convert to Gif. Video to Gif has a large video library, which enables it to deal with all kinds of videos: AVI, MPG, MPEG, ASF, WMV, WM, FLV, SWF, RM, RMVB, VOB, MOV, 3GP, M1V, VOB, DVD, MP4, Apple videos, Samsung videos and etc.


Fast and auto installation is no differ from other auto software installation. Within minutes, you can launch the software.

How To Convert Video To Gif With It?

Drag your video to the main interface, you will find your video loaded. Define the part of video to convert merely by changing the green line.

Hit [Resize] and check “User-defined” option, type digits in Width and Height blanket, you can make the Gif to any size you want. Also, it embeds a selection set of “Sharpen”, “Smooth” and “Sawtooth” for your chioce .

There are 11 fixed Gif Effects to set in total. If interested in this part, you can have a try yourself.

[Frame Rate] is reserved for Gif animated settings. Change the number to a bigger number, you can get a more successive Gif picture.

In the [Output Format] selection, you can save the picture to default animated Gif picture, or other still pictures. So with Video to Gif in hand, you won’t need another Video to Picture for help. Also, there is a Fast to Slow bar in the alert message box. Be aware that this bar controls your Gif playing speed.

After all selections are set, you are allowed to run the software by clicking [Convert] button. Then you will get what you desire.

This tool is a lightweight Video to Gif software, works smoothly on Win PC, which in all gets these advantages and disadvantages below.

Advantage Of Video To Gif

  • Win 10 Support, all Windows system platform for run.
  • Operation is quite easy, all can be done within one minute.
  • All video formats support.
  • Faster Conversion.
  • Output Format is available. Not just for animate Gif.

Disadvantage Of Video To Gif

  • Time table cannot be expanded. If the duration of video is too long, you can hardly set the time right to seconds.
  • Windows Run Only.
  • Loading online video is not an option.

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