15 Best Free Music Download Apps for iPhone

List of Best Free Music Download Apps for iPhone

Looking for best free music download app for iPhone and iPad? We have shortlisted the best music download apps for iOS users.

For music lovers, the apps of Apple are one of the most advanced due to many reasons. One of the main reasons is that they offer the finest clarity for enjoying music. All devices of Apple such as iPod, iPad and iPhone have the best music apps with exclusive features.

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In this article, our main endeavor is to offer comprehensive information about the best music downloads app for various Apple devices. These apps are cutting edge, and once you use them, you’ll realize the advantage of the iOS platform over its rivals.


For iPhone users, the Freegal Mobile application is one of the best choices as the best iPhone music downloader if you like to listen to music. It is because this music down loader offers a legal method for accessing a collection of more than 7 million MP3 songs via the local subscribing library. The songs offered by the library include music from all over the world and most of the famous artists.

Beat Music

Beat Music offers a very innovative streaming service for music lovers with unique combination of premium technology and the services of the top-tier music experts, for providing you the right music. This is the best free music download app that offers a great playlist as per your mood and taste.


Counted among one of the best music downloader for iPhone 2015, Spotify offers instant access to unlimited number of songs that ranges from oldies to latest songs in the market. This music app also functions on all mediums such as iPhone, iPad, iPod as well as on TV. This down loader app offers ad-free music as well.

IDownloader Pro

If a user would like to download music or any other files from the Internet and transfer these files to his computer swiftly, the best iPhone music downloader for this purpose is the iDownloader Pro. With this app, the user can download any file from the Internet to any Apple such as iPhone, iPad or iPod and then play it.

Music Pro

Music Pro is one of the best free music download app for iPhone. The key features of this download app include the ability to show artists and title, artwork of the album. Additionally, management and protection of your playlist with a pass code. The app also offers lock screen controls, airplay support and playlist playback.

Total Downloader

Total downloader is the best free music download app for iPhone. This app has always been popular with music lovers all over the world. The main features of this versatile down loader include the compatibility with all Apple devices. In addition to that, this downloader is fully integrated with the latest cloud-based services for quick online storage of music. This downloader app has the capability of managing most of the existing music file formats.


If someone would like to take listening to music to a new level, Music+ is the ultimate choice as the best music downloader for iPhone. This is because this music app has a lot of innovative features such as visualizers, crossfade and others. With this music app, the user can customize his or her listening experience with playback music – anytime and anywhere. This music app is also the latest and the best music manager for various devices such as iPad, iPod and iPhone.


xVideo is one of the best video downloader app that not only downloads the files at a fast rate, but also has the capability of playing many file formats such as WMV, MKV, MOV and MP4. This app also offers key features such as a download manager, unlimited downloads and parallel downloads as well as offers support for resuming interrupted downloads.

Ringtones Pro

Do you like to change ringtones after some time or would like to have a customized ringtone for your iPhone? Then Ringtones Pro is the best choice for you. With this app, you can choose and download the best one from over 600,000 ringtones. You can customize your own ringtone style or search for your favorite ringtones. In addition to that, the management of ringtones becomes easy with this app.


If a user is a music lover and has a vast iTunes library, the best way to manage it is by using one of the finest and free music down loaders, Mediacloud app. This music app can be used for any device such as iPod, iPad and iPhone. This app offers access to your music collection without hogging extra space or synchronization issues. Further, the users can access files located at various cloud storage spaces such as OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox and play them as per his or her choice.

Alpha SCWL

Alpha SCWL or Alpha Subconscious Way of Learning is an app that offers unlimited download of audio files programmed with the subliminal positive messages. These audio files are dated from 1980s, and offer beautiful sounds to the ears that can transform an individual’s mood with positive suggestions as well as messages. These subliminal messages include self-improvement and self-awareness messages that will distress and inspire you at the same time.


Spinrilla is a music app with which users can download and listen to thousands of hip hop mixtapes. The user does not a constant internet connection as this app also has an offline mode. This app also offers hip hop mixtapes from new artists who do not have a good distribution channel.

S&D Project

S&D Project offers you the latest music albums to avid lovers of music. This is also one of the best avenues for purchasing music albums.

AwesomeMusic Player Pro

AwesomeMusic Player Pro is one of most innovative downloaders as well as music player for free music downloads for iPhone as well as other devices. The key feature of this software is “no buttons”. To start listening, the user just has to tap on the selected album and swipe to change the track. Due to easy interface and quick access, anyone including kids, can use this software for listening to music. The other features include the management of the playlists, SoundCloud and multi-tasking.

New Emoji Keyboard 2

As Emoticons are becoming an essential part of conversations on phones, tablets and computers, the new Emoji keyboard, 2 app offers extra emoticons and icons art for users of iPad and iPhones. Now, the users can express their thoughts and emotions in a better way with this app.


One of the best resources for Arabic music, Mazika music app offers comprehensive musical database for the lovers of music. By downloading this app, the user can get access to thousands of songs and enjoy them directly on the iPhone. In addition to that, they can search information about profile of the artist, create playlist of their favorite songs, search for most popular as well as the latest hits with this app.
Since its launch, iPhone has remained popular among people all over the world. Especially after the music revolution created by iPod a decade ago, people’s expectation from Apple has always remained high. iPhone has time and again delivered quality music apps to its users, and even now with the launch of iPhone 6, Apple’s musical prowess never ceases.

More and more software developers are shifting from Android to Apple, as the scope of developing apps and the rewards offered by Apple is unmatched in the industry. In addition to that, most of these apps have a lot of innovative features that make downloading, listening, storing or editing and sharing music hassle-free and effortlessly easy.

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