30 Best SEO Tools Online

List of Best SEO Tools Online to do search engine optimization on your website

Are you a new product developer or a service provider, who wants to use the internet to reach out to the world? If your answer is a ‘Yes’, then you must be aware of the use of SEO to analyze the statistics and make the right marketing decisions. Well, any SEO expert will be able to tell you the essentials of SEO tools to reap SEO’s advantages in today’s world where technology can knit everyone together.

Just as a builder is nothing without his box of tools, an SEO expert increases the visibility of this page using his essential set of SEO Tools. And he has a surplus of options to choose from. Most of these are available on the internet and can be used for free, but if you have extra money in your pocket, then you can access more advanced tools which bring forth more bonuses.

But what exactly do SEO Tools do? Simply speaking, SEO Tools are necessary for ‘link prospecting’, a technique which fishes out the important links from the sea of links available on the internet, analyses their usability for the project in hand and finally improves your page’s ranking on the internet.

Given below is a list of 30 useful tools that worlds best SEO companies use to rank thousands of websites on Google.

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Google Analytics

Just as a mother is incomplete without her son, an SEO dabbler needs Google Analytics for the completion of his work. Simply put, this one is the mother of all SEO tools. This brainchild of Google makes full use of the SEO Advantages – it gives you all the information about necessary traffic, Web Tracking tools to measure user interaction and also can be used through iOS and Android platforms.

This one is impossible to ignore.

Google Webmasters Tools

Well, an SEO expert’s relationship with Google is an intimate one. Google Webmasters Tools, which has been renamed ‘Search Console’, will help you increase the visibility of your content. It identifies crawling issues and keywords and gives important insights about the visibility of your webpage.

This should be your first stepping stone, if you are a beginner in the world of SEO, it has all the information that you need to teach yourself the basics of SEO. (Also see: here are a few tips for beginners in e-commerce website development .)


This SEO tool comes as a package – it contains a term extractor for showing the importance of the essential words and phrases, mozRank for listing the rankings of your page, a social media usage tool and a site called YOUmoz for reviews and community opinion. It also has a MOZ local tool to analyze the importance of your business in a local search engine. But to avail of all of these features, you need to pay a $99/monthly after a 30-day free trial.

SEO Power Suite

Another colossal player in the field of SEO tools – the Power Suite is a desktop suite that helps you in link prospecting, competitor analysis, and advanced keyword research, SEO SpyGlass is a backlink research and a ranking tool. Although it costs a pricey $299, you’ll pay for it just once and you can enjoy the entire experience.

Raven SEO Tools

A premium tool, it features 30+ online marketing tools for efficient management of your resources. New customers can also prepare their first report in just a matter of minutes and the report will be brimming with all the necessary information regarding traffic along with essential diagrams and statistical analyses. Their site auditor helps you scan every tiny detail of your website to find flaws in its SEO strategies.


This is the all-in-one package of ultimate internet marketing. It contains everything – from content heavy blogs to polished, high-quality SEO techniques, to a Content Management System that optimizes material for search engines and a Social Analysis Platform that brings into account the publicity your product generated across Facebook, Twitter, and several other major social media sites.

Google Keyword Planner

This is your go-to guide for searching important keywords and assessing their positions in terms of popularity.

The Keyword Planner, an AdWords tool is distinctly essential for diving into the sea of keywords that people search for and bringing out the relevant ones to create more user-friendly content.

Image Compression Test Tool By ShortPixel

Poorly compressed images may impact your sites SEO, this awesome tool by ShortPixel analyzes your images and generates better-compressed images for you.

Traffic Travis

To every SEO person out there, this fresh and free tool will make your life much easier. Aided with an extremely simple interface, this tool contains several sub-tools for keyword analysis, page analysis, and SEO analysis, just to name a few.

Additionally, if you are into pay-per-click techniques, there is a PPC tool that permits you to check Google ad sense data for any specific keyword instantaneously.

UpCity SEO Report Card

This free application will give you an organized and detailed look at how well your site is coping with the virtual wave of competition. Get feedback on everything – from your rank to your link building and do not forget to use UpCity’s Local Report Card that gives you a critical overview of your site’s local visibility.


The new kid on the block – SEMrush is the master for checking the health and safety of your website. Whenever a website developer is busy building online campaigns, he pushes it through this tool for the number of keywords and the site’s ranking in the Google search engine. It can also assess unwanted drops in a site’s traffic and is vital in searches for top-listed keywords.

With its wide range, SEMrush is a powerful SEO tool that has the potential to travel a long way amidst the crowd of SEO tools.


A Chrome extension, the CheckMyLink tool available in Chrome’s Web Store utilizes an important SEO advantage – it crawls all along the web page to come up with a list of highlighted broken links. Then it checks every link individually and gives a report on the validity of each.

ScreamingFrog’s SEO Spider

An installable program which unleashes the SEO spider that crawls on your website’s links, images etc., allowing you to filter common SEO issues and analyze the data that is constantly displayed on the program’s user interface.

ScreamingFrog also allows you to import SEO elements like meta-description, focus keywords, etc. into Microsoft Excel which can be edited and used as a storehouse for your SEO information.

Search Latte

Don’t judge this web app by its size – it’s tiny but of immense use. Be it a quick checkup or a large scale monitoring process, Search Latte helps you check website rankings simply and hastily. Although it only works with a small amount of data, you can also access this app from multiple locations.


GetStat suffices in the department that Search Latte falters in – the tackling of large amounts of data. A brilliant keyword-tracker, it comes aided with detailed reports, hardcore data, and immense clarity.

For rank checking on a daily basis, this is the app that everyone needs to have. However, novices may not have an easy time going through this app as GetStat is only for the SEO experts.


So far we have covered most aspects of SEO tools except for this one – webpage speed. And if that is what you need, then GTMetrics is the best SEO tool to test and examine webpage speed online.


An excellent tool for search engine marketers because of its emphasis on one of the most important factors of SEO – keyword focus. The page comes equipped with three main tools – the Page Analyzer, which looks into keyword density and placement in HTML pages, the Article Analyzer, to analyze keyword focus of the article at hand, and finally the Multipage Analyzer, that investigates the general theme on which the webpage is founded.

As the CEO of said, “A bit of KW usage data about the page – The tool is still the best…” Rightfully so!


An easily accessible app, Alexa’s free audit tool senses your internet URL and gives you an immediate report containing your rank and the incoming links visiting your site. They just do not provide with the raw data, but also come up with suitable recommendations that would suggest a flow of action suitable to your site.


Presently, WooRank occupies the top of the list of tools focusing on website review. Reviewing a whopping 75,000 clients every month, it is trusted for its meticulous analyses of website visibility via traffic, mobile optimization and social networking.


The second newbie on our list – it provides a unique topical trust flow that segregates the site’s topical data into neat rows. MajesticSEO is commonly used because of its ability to give information on backlinks via its History Tool for a multiple numbers of sites.


Ahrefs generates particular interest when it comes to backlink details and investigating link data for audits. New features, like top content and top referring content, are also there on the website’s developmental agenda.


If versatility would have been the only judging criteria, then SEOQuake would have occupied the top. This SEO tool finds wide-ranging usage in browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, that extracts a diverse amount of information based on all important SEO parameters.


This one is as wacky as it sounds! Essentially a keyword research tool, it derives its name from its ability to allow you to spy on your competitors’ webpage stats, keywords, and ad copies. Its prices begin at $59/month with a 30-day cash-back guarantee.


What’s trending on the internet and does your content really fit the bill to be trend worthy enough? If that is your question, then BuzzSumo is your perfect destination!


Described as a ‘large scale rank tracking software’, the Test Tool allows you to experiment to get proof of the validity of your SEO tactics. Generate daily SEO feedbacks, measure SEO strategies and track rankings in any location of your choice. Plus they have their iPhone app!


Through Nibbler you can get scores on accessibility, user experience, and marketing along with seven other SEO parameters. On their platter, other than their report card is a professional sales tool called Haystack, which allows you to generate PDFs, brand your reports and discover new leads.


Keyword Rich Domain Suggestion Tool, Backlink Tracker, URL Rewriting Tool, Keyword Suggestion Tool, Domain Age Tool, and Similar Page Checker – these are just a few services that it offers. If this list doesn’t satisfy you, then just go and check them out!

Website Auditor

Costing a one-time $124.75, this desktop software aims to make your website more search-engine friendly. Detection and fixing of all site errors are two of its main features.


Pry into your competitor’s website and download his keywords. Then use them to improve your webpage and in turn, pull him down.

Doesn’t that sound cool? That is exactly what SpyFu does.

Crawler FX

The on-page factors that contribute to your search rankings include page authority, social media promotion, external links, keyword density, heading summary and much more – Crawler FX gives you an insight into all of that. It garners all these necessary details and generates a scorecard along with tips to boost your search engine rankings.


Keyword density is no longer a big issue for SEO. However, for all those interested in it, we wrap up our article with a tool that analyzes your content and gives you suggestions of related keywords that can be incorporated for getting you up those ranks on the internet.

The list above picks out the important ones from the myriad of SEO tools available on the internet. New tools will come and go, and more are being developed with each passing day. But the concept of SEO tools is something that all you SEO enthusiasts cannot let go of. For, as you may have realized by now, SEO tools complete the cycle – they are essential for SEO which in turn is an absolute must for web page development.

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