14 HR Interview Questions & Answers

Do you have an interview with hr manager of you aspiring company? We have some hr interview tips for you to be successful and get your dream job.

Human Resource department is a significant department for any organization. It is the spine of modern day corporates that are striving hard to accomplish their long term goals. This section deals with workforce of the company and therefore the people in this segment ought to be highly qualified to possess management abilities and should be deft in dealing with people.

But, not all are bestowed with the ability to deal with individuals of different behavior, demeanor and from various background. Careful scrutiny and analysis is required afore hiring any HR manager. Human Resource people are the trained professionals who are not only polite but also influential.

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Low down here are 14 important questions that are frequently asked in HR interviews nowadays and brief answers to each question that are suggested by industry experts.

  1. Tell Us Something About Yourself?

    This is the very first question which you may encounter in your interview. To answer this question you can start the communication by providing some information:

    • Your work experience – making sure its not in conflict with your resume or LinkedIn profile.
    • Tactics you have worked upon
    • Technology you have used
    • Educational qualification and some more important details
    • Try summing up your answer in 3-4 sentences.
  2. How Do You Get To Know About Us?

    Afore appearing for the interview, do conduct proper research about the company’s profile, product, and operations and try drawing as much information as possible. You need not to know everything but do get a fair idea about the company’s activities so that company appears interested in you. To answer this question you can start like

    • Sir/Mam, I have heard lot about your company, also I keep a constant tab on your operations through your website that is where I got to know about you.
    • If you company is a construction company you can tell about their news in the paper or in the media and mention about their recent projects.
  3. Do You Think You Are Qualified For This Position?

    If you are fresher in this field then frame your answer like
    For Example
    Sir I have some internships so as a fresher I can easily adapt to the organizational environment that reduces your training cost overall.

    If you have experience in the domain and it’s better to select your answer as in
    For Example
    You might feel that I have less or more degrees for this position but the fact is that I learn when I talk to my customers, colleagues or my customers. I think that I learn on day to day basis and so learning is a consistent process.

  4. What Will Be Your Tactic For Next 60 Days If You Are Being Hired?

    Here the interviewer wants to know whether you are a right fit for the organization or not. He/she wish to judge your managing and planning abilities, as in what you have thought of afore joining the company and whether you are confident about your job with the organization or not. Many candidates fumble to answer as they are not sure whether they will be able to crack the interview or not.

    For Example

    In the initial 60 days, I will focus on understanding my work profile in term of the contribution to the business and how it can augment the profitability. I will spend more time with my line manager and my juniors to comprehend what has already been executed, ways to execute things and what has been its impact. Also, I will build up my own strategies in conjunction with my manager and will see that it is properly implemented or not.

  5. How Would Plan To Augment On Your Company’s Product?

    As you are new to the company so you must not be aware of the product you have to deal with in case the company has various products, so start your answer as

    For Example

    As I will be coming to new organization so I will be holding altogether new perspective towards everything whether its company, product, environment, strategy and customers etc. This will surely ensure me to question things in altogether different way. This will surely help in improving things. In sync with product development team I better understand customer’s requirement and would also provide some value addition there too.

  6. What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?

    Afore answering this stay positive and be confident about your strengths.
    For example
    Read about the job position can best help you in answering this question.
    Prepare a list of strengths as per the work profile and the pressure it involves.
    When talking about weaknesses answer this negative question with a positive twist
    For Example
    Remember to not mention anything that highlights your weakness from organization point of view and eliminates you from the competition.

  7. What Is The Most Important Thing For You As A Manager?

    Here the interviewer wants to know your responsible ability as in whether you are capable of handling any charge or not.
    For Example
    As a manager I wish two things:-

    • Firstly, a cohesive team that is happy and loves challenges
    • Secondly, any project undertaken is timely finished with minimum troubles.
  8. Did You Ever Have Any Problems With Your Peers Or Seniors? If Yes, Please Mention An Example?

    Think of any incident randomly and mention it well. Ensure you don’t really fumble while telling the concoct.
    For Example
    Yes, it was once over a lunch that I was sitting with my colleague. During our conversation I casually mentioned to him about the new marketing tactic that the marketing team was thinking to implement. That peer mentioned it to his manager which indeed led to lot of confusion. Entire situation taught me a lesson that one should never disclose any tactics of one department to other.

  9. I Can See Some Work Gap In Your Years Of Your Experience. Any Specific Reason?

    Be smart to answer this question. Here the interviewer wishes to know the reason of work void. So don’t answer any vague answer. Answer it as
    For Example
    Yes, actually after years of work, I thought of taking a break and spend some time with family and friends. I went for holidays and now I am back to work all charged and rejuvenated.

  10. Please Mention Something About Your Previous Boss?

    Interviewer wishes to dig out your experience with your managers previously. Don’t say anything negative. You can frame your answer like below.
    For Example
    All my bosses were great and have brilliantly helped in grooming my persona. There are highly skilled in their profession and I have always tried learning something or the other from them as in patience, work life balance, personality grooming and management skills.

  11. What You Did Not Like About Your Last Job?

    Interviewers want to know the flaws in your previous profession. But dare not do that. Be polite in telling about your work, it’s your profession and your passions too as you have chosen it. So be smart while answering it.
    For Example
    I was very keen and enthusiastic about my last job. I am agile and love work challenges. But towards the end the number of challenges and opportunities diminished which made me to leave the job.

  12. If You Are Asked To Change One Thing About Your Job What It Will Be And Why?

    Be witty to gather important facts you wish to alter about your job as in
    For Example
    Yes, there are series of instances. I have always preferred to be in company of people who are smart and creative. In each my jobs I always looked for people to challenge my decisions because when one challenges my decision I again consider my decision and in the entire process I reach at a decision which is conducive not only for my organizational growth but also my personal development. And I always thought that people turn more challenging and smart.

  13. How Long Do You Commit To Work With Us?

    Every interviewer wants a loyal employee who stays long with the organization as lot of training costs is involved in training an employee. So, be positive about your long term stay and answer.
    For Example
    I am looking forward for new challenges and an ambience to grow and as long as I am getting these I don’t think I will be changing my job. I have not set any time limit as such but I am practical and growth is also always important.

  14. What Is Your Expected Salary?

    Don’t be greedy here as no one will pay you million if ask them to. You can surely mention some percent hike from your previous salary. But it will be good if you indirectly answer this question.
    For Example
    I think that best justifies my efforts, acknowledges my ability, awards my performance and provides me an opportunity to delve in to my passions and hobbies and I am entirely sure that this company will surely take care of this.

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