25+ Useful Books Websites For Book Lovers

Best Websites For Book Lovers

Book reading is one of the best habits that one can inculcate in oneself. Reading books can relax your mind, gain you more knowledge and help you in changing your thought process. In many modern day corporates the leaders inspire their employees to read as many good books as possible. The reason behind this inspiration is that they want their employees to think out of the box. It is not that easy to find the right book. We often rely on our friends and family members to guide us in finding the right book for us. Today we have little time in our hand and there are lots of good books to read. It is recommended to make some time where you can read good books.


GoodReads is the collection of various book clubs, students and publishing companies. This website has a rich collection of literary that is ready to be scratched. The website enables readers to browse through collection based upon the genre and also enables the user to look at the virtual book self of their friends so that they can get some idea what to read.


This website is a repository of books for three particular genres – Entrepreneurship, Fiction and Parenting. The website allows its users to choose the books from these genres. The website features nice articles pertaining to what can be good reads for you thought the posts that the users of this website post, which helps the reader to get better understanding of various books.

NPR Books

This website is one of the nice websites that offers real time reviews of various types of books. The website features various navigator paths that help the reader to research more intensively before choosing a book to read. The reader can subscribe to RSS feeds and podcasts and also share their favorite reviews and books in various social media platforms.


You will surely forget African safari when you get yourself indulged into this exotic cyber bookshelf over the internet. This website is powered by Amazon, which by itself is a mega book store. This website is basically an encyclopedia that is supported by various communities and is regarded as the social network of the book world, which allows creating your profile and then building your virtual library where you can store your favorite titles.


BookBrowse is the exclusive guide for you to find exceptional books. This website offers its users to read book reviews by real readers and find books of their choice as per their favorite title and author. You can join the book club in this website. As per your usage the website also recommends books for you to read and enjoy.

What Should I Read Next?

It is quite natural for us to pose this question occasionally. When you ask this question next time go straight to this website to find the relevant answer. You can search in terms of author or book title in the search engine of the website and fetch the result. The database of the website has over 80,000 titles and more than a million readers’ recommendation.


This website offers a new way to choose what you want to read. The website allows millions of available combinations and finally throws the result for you that suit your need. The website enables the user to browse through the websites wish list and guest wish list so that it can help you create your own wish list. You can also search as per authors and titles.


This website a repository of great collection of books. The website has about 1.8 million book lovers forming the community. This is regarded as the home for your good books. The website is one of the largest book clubs in the world. The site navigator has the pane which shows the recent activities by its users for their books that they read.


This website is a self-adapting community. It has a map of literature through which you can travel and find your favorite book to read. Discover new writers in the block and you can join the discussion board for your favorite author and books. The website also has entries for music, art and movies as well. The website too has suggestions for you.


We all know deciding what you want to read is difficult. There are lots of books get published every year. Choosing, buying and reading books is a real investment of money and time. But sometimes it is not worth of the investment. The Staff Recommends is the website that helps you enjoy your investment. The website enables its users to from both current and past selection.


The website has a very good collection of many books. It has a dedicated section for children books. You can choose your favorite books and save in the Saved Lists option of the website and can take it from the shelf when you want to read it. The website also has the option to search your favorite book by title or author’s name.


The website contains more than 6 lakhs book and getting more added every day. The website has a section for recommendation that recommends you books as per your history of search or as per the criteria that you have saved. The best part of the website is its classification of books according to different subject. The aim of the website is to enable you discover more books.


The website has made finding a book easy. If you have the question what should you read next – this website has the answer for your question. This website is not just a website that contains book reviews and articles about good books. This the website of answer to your question of what should be your next read. It has the books categorized as per genres.


Bookseer is the website that is customized just according to your reading style. The main page of the website itself would ask for the book and the author so that it can suggest you good books of that category. This feature is the best one in the block as you need not to navigate to search for your next book.

Books&Authors (BNA)

BNA website is meant for real readers. The categorization of non-fiction and fiction is the icing on the cake. In that categorization there are sub-categories as well for the ease of the readers. If you feel there are too many books to choose from when you enter the website, there is an option to make your own reading room from where you can choose your book.


This is great website to choose your book. The website has the feature of viewing the sample of your favorite book before taking it your Kindle or iPad. The website enables you to discover various books and explore them further before making your choice. The website has a great collection of novels, non-fiction, romance and crime books. This website would sure help you finding a good book.


Book Hub is the repository of great eBooks. The website offers great deals in various genres of eBooks. There are free eBooks that the website offers to its subscribers for a limited time and the website intimate its subscribers about the offers and deals. The website has more than a million subscribers. The website also allows you to build your own virtual library.


This website helps its subscribers to read the books that the nationwide book clubs are reading currently. It is a portable website that you can carry with you and also a virtual portable book store that helps you finding the best suitable books of your interest. The best part is not only the recommendation but also the reason for recommendation.


Amazon is the greatest repository of great books and novels. The website offers both hard copy and eBooks for its subscribers. The website has the feature that shows how many people have bought and liked a particular book that you want to read. The honest and open feedback of the users about the books helps you in making a decision of buying the best books for your reading.

Barnes & Noble

If the form and function of this website is concerned it has great similarities with Amazon. The website contains book samples and you can search books as per the authors and book titles. This search option is varied and helps you find books of your favorite authors and also your favorite books. The website has genres and subgenres and it features more books per page.


Teen Reads is the website that contains books of all the genres. The reviews of the real time users help you to choose the best. If you have any book of your choice you can post the question in the forum to get reviews of the same from other readers. There are lots of books from where you can choose your book.


Simple word to tag the books is one of the best features of this website. The user can set notification of the book that is not currently available in the website for sale. The website also enables it users to connect with other readers who have similar interest. You can browse books by authors as well and though the wishlist of others and make your own wishlist.


This website is a treat for any book lover. The detailed reviews of books and latest articles that get featured in the website help its users to choose the best book of their interest. However, all the books in the website are worth reading and having in your virtual bookshelf. The interviews and feature section of the website is worth paying a visit to gain more knowledge.


This website is an invaluable resource where you can find unmatched information about any books in the world. This website is a free to use resource that helps in searching the related content of your interest in the web. The editors of the website hand pick the featured sites and categorize them as per their content. This website is helpful for any book lover.


Book Reporter is the website that helps the users to read reviews, interviews and articles about various books and authors. The featured books in the website that would be loved by any book lover. Once you subscribe you would have the access to the blog where you can post your comments read others’ comments as well. You can subscribe to the newsletter.


Bookwire website has the unique feature in which it features the best books for the months. You can browse books as per the subjects of your choice. There are three sections called New Books, Recommended Books and Featured Books that contain current and upcoming books for the readers. You can also download Bookwire App for your smartphones and tablets for your convenience.

To summarize what we discussed about various book review websites it can be concluded that all the book review websites over the internet offer some or the other feature. It is up to the users who want to use which feature of the website. However, whatever feature is being used by the readers their love for books will not diminish as any cost.

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