5 Best AJAX Books For Javascript Developers

AJAX Books For Javascript Developers

Websites and web applications are the most powerful force of the modern technology age. One can hear about new technologies every now and then. The internet is evolving and developing into a rich-application platform. One can have complex applications running in the browser itself unlike the simple HTML websites. AJAX is an important part of this development and it has changed the way applications run on a browser. Before the development of AJAX in 1998, any web page would go for a round-trip, which means the whole page had to be reloaded after the submission of a form. AJAX allowed web applications to communicate with server in the background rather than showing all the details to the user.
Modern web applications are incomplete without AJAX and it is one of the most promising fields in software and web development. If you are planning to become an efficient web developer, it is important to master AJAX. With the huger number of job openings in AJAX, it might help to learn this web technology and gain an edge over your competition.

Head First Ajax

(By: Rebecca Riordan )

Web 2.0 relies on AJAX for complex web based applications and this book starts with the importance of AJAX as a technology. This books works with a sample problem approach and you get to learn different issues in application development. It starts with JavaScript event model and explains asynchronous application model along with other development models. You can learn about Document Object Model, XHTML forms, XML syntax, JSON, and the architecture of AJAX. It is an excellent book for individuals with an excellent knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Bulletproof Ajax

(By: Jeremy Keith )

For individuals planning to learn step-by-step AJAX, it serves as an excellent medium. The best thing about this book is that the programmers with a sound knowledge of HTML and CSS can build AJAX application without using the traditional models. It uncovers a degradation approach making it possible to load this site for every user and offering flexibility to the website. You can start with a basic application and develop a complex one by the end of the book. You will understand the scenarios where AJAX is not an optimal choice and use AJAX for efficient web development.

Ajax: The Complete Reference

(By: Thomas A. Powell )

The beauty of AJAX is in knowing its strengths and limitations. If you are able to understand its limitations, you can use it efficiently. This book starts with a basic understanding of AJAX and works with some traditional JavaScript models including iframe and important data formats including JSON, XML, CSV, YAML and similar formats. You will develop an understanding of network problems associated with web applications including response ordering, content errors, timeouts, and similar network issues. You are going to learn about the future of web development and understand the structural issues of AJAX.

Learn JavaScript and Ajax

(By: w3Schools )

When it comes to online education w3Schools is one of the best and comes with a tutorial approach. The reader will understand every major or minor concept with the help of tutorials. It covers advanced concepts including HTML DOM and JavaScript Objects used in web applications. It is an excellent book for developers starting in programming and gets them up their feet quickly. You will get an idea of different AJAX properties and the best way to use them.

Scriptin’ with JavaScript and Ajax: A Designer’s Guide

(By: Charles Wyke-Smith )

Web 2.0 relies over two technologies including JavaScript and AJAX. An efficient web designed requires an excellent knowledge of both of these technologies. You can learn JavaScript without wasting any time and create light application with object-oriented coding. It goes beyond the Document Object Model and you get to change it for a web application. The developer can gain insights into efficient programming techniques and create applications that are responsive and secure. You can learn efficient AJAX techniques and learn to update specific portions of a web page without reloading the complete page. It is an advanced level book for designers learning efficient coding.

AJAX is the root of sophisticated web applications and it is already one of the most important parts of online applications. Anyone planning to build a career in web development should learn AJAX and start creating high-end web applications. These books will help you throughout your development as a programmer and web designer. Make sure to follow the examples accompanying every AJAX concept.

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