7 Best iOS Programming Books for iPhone and iPad Developers

If the concept of iPhone, iPad and iPod fantasies you, then it makes even more sense to know more about the idea that created such great machines. There are more than 1 million applications being used worldwide. The mastermind behind all these applications is iOS. iOS is a mobile operating system made by Apple Inc. The user interface control of iOS is easy to understand and it powers the iPhone from Apple. The multi touch gestures like pinch, swipe, and tap are the base of iOS user interface.
If you have any of these gadgets like iphone 4, iphone5, iphone 4S, iphone 5S, iphone 5C etc. and eager to learn about their operating system, then it is recommended to go with a programming book or guide. If you are not about the best book available in the market, here are some guides that you can use.

Programming in Objective-C, Fifth Edition

(By: Stephen Kochan )

This book is a quick to learn guide for both beginners and experienced programmers. If you have no object oriented programming experience, then this book is best for you; it does not assume previous experience with the programming. The tutorials explain everything in a step-by-step manner with multiple examples and exercises to fine tune your skills. The book explains about variables, data types, inheritance, iOS applications, Dynamic binding, polymorphism, classes, objects and many more to read. The level of detail, explanation and approach towards the topic is far better. It is a bit easier to understand all this with the examples provided with each topic.

iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

(By: Joe Conway, Aaron Hillegass )

If iOS and Objective-C is your platform then, this book will lead you to learn all the essential things to create iOS applications. This book addresses the topic in a high level overview manner, which enables you to understand the whole concept. The iOS application and Xcode are explained with several examples, which makes it easy to use Xcode. The book covers topics like Xcode, building interface, gestures, navigation controllers, tool bars, saving and loading data etc. Beginners, intermediates and experienced can go with this book.

Programming in Objective-C (6th Edition)

(By: Stephen G. Kochan )

This book covers all the new features and concepts of Xcode 5, iOS 7, Objective-C and Mac OS X Mavericks. This book is great to understand latest concepts, the information provided is relevant and with a good approach. It is interesting to know that the last chapter of the book will bring all what you learned to make an iOS application. If you are thinking to start the iOS programming then, this book will definitely suit you.

Programming iOS 7

(By: Matt Neuburg )

This book covers the new iOS 7 topic which includes snapshots, tint color, asset catalogs, Text kit, Dynamic type, speech synthesis, motion effects, full screen views, bar under lapping , and many others. This will practically guide you through the components needed for building iOS applications. The concepts are detailed, well written and accurate. The fundamentals of iOS applications are detailed with examples from real applications. If you are serious about developing iOS applications, then this book is better for you.

iOS 7 App Development Essentials

(By: Neil Smyth )

This book is mainly considered for iOS 7 and Xcode 5. The approach of book is to make you learn the development of iOS applications. This is a beginner and experience friendly book with a wide overview about iOS development. The book covers some interesting topics like Twitter and Facebook integration, event reminders, gestures recognition; file handling, data base management, local notifications, graphics drawing and animations, touch screen handling and much more. It offers an excellent idea and reason behind every concept and its importance in development.

Effective Objective-C 2.0: 52 Specific Ways to Improve Your iOS and OS X Programs

(By: Matt Galloway )

This book is a interesting one which brings you 52 Objective-C best practices. The Objective-C practices, iOS codes and shortcuts are explained in a knowledgeable way. The book is useful for all but more suited for intermediate and advanced users. The book explains some real life application examples and covers the topic like Cocoa framework, class clusters, object equality, creating atomic getters and setters, writing modular and much more. It will help you in learning design patterns and writing iOS codes.

Xcode Primer- Visual Programming for iOS

(By: Nick Smith )

The book is well written for beginners and covers Xcode 4.5 and iOS 6. If you want to learn iOS programming then this will give you all about visual programming for iOS. The book is worth of its price and very helpful. All the basic concepts of iOS programming like outlets, protocols, basic UIs, etc are explained in very effective and simple manner. This also includes more about segmented controls, sliders, table views, labels, iOS 6 collection views and much, much more.

All of these books offer a nice platform to learn Xcode, iOS and Objective-C. The knowledge of programming is not limited to the experienced person; you can learn the basics with the help of these books. Moreover, if you are a serious learner, then these books will help you to get the expertise in programming. You can really build the iOS applications for yourself.

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