7 Best Gadgets Under $50

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Christmas has come and gone and with a few dark, cold months to go before the sunshine really start shining again (unless you’re in Australia of course!). Until then, what you need is some fancy gadgets to spend that Christmas money on. Here are some of the coolest gadgets available today.

Logitech Washable Keyboard

(By: Logitech )

Look down at your keyboard. Go on. Do it right now. Admit it, it’s a bit of a mess isn’t it. Crumbs, coffee stains (maybe even sand) and God only knows what else. It needs a clean, but you just can’t be bothered dusting it, wiping it or vacuuming it back to its original pristine state. Well, worry no more as this keyboard from Logitech could just be the answer to your problems.

First of all it’s a great QWERTY keyboard with 12 hot keys to instantly access email, calculator, internet browser and also allows you to control your music. When you’re finished making a mess of it, simply pop it into the sink. It’s submergible upto 30cm and even has drainage holes to get it drier that little bit quicker. Once cleaning your new keyboard has become second nature, remember it’s hand wash only, so no putting it in your dishwasher!

Belkin WeMo Light Switch

(By: Belkin )

We all know the pain (or sheer laziness) of having to get up from the sofa or your warm comfy bed to turn the lights on or off. Imagine being able to do it from where you’re settled, another room or even the other side of the world. With a Belkin WeMo Light Switch that becomes a real possibility. The unit replaces your standard light switch with ease and connects to your home Wi-Fi network to put the power in the palm of your hand.

Simply buy and install the unit, download the free WeMo app to your compatibleiDevice or Android smartphone (sorry Windows Phone users) to get started. This will not only turn your lights on and off, but you can set automatic schedules to make sure the lights are always on when you need them to be; just before you get home or use them as an wake-up call. Light switches have never been so cool.

SoundShooter Wireless

(By: Philips )

We’re all used to taking our music with us these days but it’s often a solitary experience. The SoundShooter Wireless speaker from Philips hopes to change that.

Now you can stylishly share your tunes with friends via Bluetooth and enjoy up to 8 hours of playback thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery. It even has a built-in hands-free speaker so you can still answer that all important call between dance moves. It comes in a range of bright colours to suit your every mood and there is also a wired version (if you like that old-fashioned kind of thing!).

R2-D2 USB Car Charger

(By: Underground Toys )

What would a list of gadgets be if it didn’t have something Star Wars related, well how about this! Never again will you find yourself in a galaxy far, far away without being able to contact your Jedi Master.

Modern gadgets are never far from needing an extra charge so what better way to charge them on the move than this officially licensed R2-D2 car charger. It sits neatly in your car’s cup holder and plugs into your the cigarette lighter. Your favourite droid comes complete with two USB charging points each capable of providing 2.1 Amps, enough to power two gadgets simultaneously. Not only that but his head rotates and lights up and he makes his trademark beeps when he’s connected.

POP Desk

(By: Native Union )

How do you mix old technology with the new in the coolest possible way? Well, it’s if phone-related you won’t go far wrong with the POP Desk from Native Union.

The unit consists of the original retro POP handset complete with a specifically designed stand to hold your state-of-the-art smartphone, freeing up some valuable desk space. The stand has a anti-slip rubber pad to securely hold your phone allowing it to be charged and sync’ed. The handset simply connects to your phones 3.5mm headphone socket so can be easily removed when needed. Better still whilst connected, it allows you to make mobile, Skype or other VoIP calls with the old-fashioned simplicity of the handset tucked neatly under your chin.

Video & Sound Recording Wristwatch

(By: Hiyadeal )

If we’re honest, we all have dreams of being James Bond, yes we do! Well that dream is one step closer thanks to this chronograph.

Firstly, it’s a stylish watch, but when telling the time isn’t enough it is also a digital camera, microphone and video recorder. Its 4Gb memory allows you to record up to 10,000 photographs or 2 hours of 30fps video. If the thought of being a super spy doesn’t cut it for you, then think how useful it will be for making notes at meetings or presentations. Your photo’s and video’s can be downloaded to your computer using the included USB cable, which also charges the watch, when you’re done saving the world. Q would be so proud.

Sky Writer UFO Remote Control Helicopter

(By: Brookstone )

If Shia LeBeouf’s recent sky-writing escapades have got you envious for your own way of writing your words (or someone else’s) in the air, look no further than the Sky Writer UFO helicopter.

Using the wireless controller’s keypad and its unique LED technology, it allows you to flash messages of up to 20 words (or 170 characters…take that Twitter!) above the heads of your family and friends. Being a helicopter, of course, it flies up, down and hovers with the best of them but is a lot easier to control than a real one (I assume). The controller itself is powered by 6 x AAA batteries (not included) which also acts as the charging unit for the ‘copter. Hours of fun is guaranteed.

Owimin Intelligent LED Bicycle Logo Laser Taillight

(By: Docooler )

Gadgets can be fun, but just sometimes, they can potentially be life-saving too. That’s where the LED Bicycle Logo Taillight from Owimin comes into its own.

As cycling becomes more popular across the world, chances are you’ll find yourself cycling at night, sooner or later. Hopefully you’ll have a light, but what about having that extra piece of mind to alert cars behind you that you’re there. By using 5 super-bright LED lights, oh and 2 laser beams (when are laser beams anything but cool), it projects a bike ‘logo’ and two lines behind you to warn following vehicles. The LEDs have 4 different flashing modes and a working life of up to 100,000 hours, that’s a lot of cycling! It will even shutdown after 5 minutes of inaction to save the batteries. It comes with an adjustable clamp making it very easy to install and remove. Can you afford not to have it?

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