15 Must Have Apps for Windows Phone

Must Have Apps for Windows Phone

Just like the Android app market and the Apple store have hundreds of apps to offer to their users, the phones supporting windows operating systems also load their market with multiple apps every day. Windows Phone store includes all type of apps from different popular brands. According to Microsoft they have more than 120,000 apps and games in windows Phone store for you. Since the no. of Windows Phone user is increasing day by day the no. of applications and games are also increasing vice versa. Below is the list of the top 15 best apps that you should have in your windows phone.


Ever wanted to just download that song you listen at a hotel or a party, in case you want to listen to it later? Or ever wanted to know the title of the song that you cannot recall the name of? Windows phone now offers the application Shazam which now allows your mobile phone to recognize sounds and songs playing around you. Once the application detects what song is playing, it gives you the title and singer names, after which you can buy and share the detected songs.


If you are a big song-freak and enjoy exploring music on YouTube, the application MusicTube will certainly make your life much easier. What this app does is simply download the videos on YouTube you are enjoying, and loads its mp3 in your phone separately. This way you can have the detached song audio in your mobile phone without having to search and download it separately.

ToDo Free

And of course a time management application is a must in the list of best apps available for a phone. Task lists and to-do application might appear common but are of amazing use given the application has a friendly user interface. That is exactly what ToDo Free application gives the user and thus is one of the best task management apps available throughout smart phone app markets.


WhatsApp is of course a must-have if you are using a smart phone and like to avail free communication opportunities.


It sure makes life easier if your Facebook homepage is only a click away on your smart phone, rather than having to cover a distance of typing and logging in to your Facebook every time you want to socialize. This application is certainly the exact requirement.

Adobe Reader

A smart phone might be useless if you cannot load let alone read PDFs on it. This application lets you have a complete PDF experience on your windows smart phone. You might never know the difference from a PC.


Some applications that are a combination of productivity and entertainment, this is what Vine stands for. It allows you to create and share short video clips with your friends and family. Edit and clip your motion pictures in all way possible and thanks to Vine your family videos are no more a matter of old cassettes, you have a record on the web!


The a simple yet useful app for using your phone camera LED as flashlight. Can be handy at times in dark.


How amazing would it be to be able to subscribe to Netflix through Windows smart phone and watch all the TV series and movies on your phone, luckily possible through this app.


This is an interesting app which allows travelers and drivers to share their current travelling experiences in order to make it better and useful for others.


Last, but not the least, this is an essential app for smart phone users. Considering how quickly smart phones eat away your battery, this app helps you to monitor your battery state consistently and know when the battery is critically low. Moreover you can know if any background operations can be shut off in order to save battery.


Evernote is is a must have app to be able to take notes and have it available everywhere. It has easy cloud backup and dozens of platoforms are supported including web browsers and smartphones with iOS and android.


The pandora music app for windows has no monthly streaming limits and no ads are displayed on the app. Listen to unlimited variety of music on Pandora app.


This is one of the most popular camera app on smartphones. Its also available on ios and android devices.

Free Ringtones

A nice app to download a lot of free ringtones and change the way your phone sounds.

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