5 Best Interview Preparation Books For Software Job At Google, Apple Or Microsoft

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The word ‘Interview’ itself creates some panic in everybody’s mind because the results have lots of implications for one’s life. This panic can be controlled if the interviewee is prepared a little for the interview. There are some must read books which prepare the interviewee to face the interview in the best possible way.

We recently released our free exclusive interview preparation guide for software job aspirants. A lot of people a finding it useful though getting a job may not be always a cake walk, this article tries to cover some of the best books available in the market for technology interview preparation.

These books are not free but we think it’s worth the investment for a bright future. You can simply try these books to boost your confidence during interviews.

Cracking The Coding Interview: 150 Programming Questions And Solutions

This book is written in a methodical way, compiling the problems, strategies, and tips on how to get through a technical interview. The first few chapters say about the non-technical part of the interview like a resume, behavioral tips which help to get through the HR part. The book also gives questions and answers to 150 questions which cover all the major technical aspects. Solving these questions prepares one to handle others applying similar skills. Each chapter in the book is separate and the content is crisp.

Chapter 7 combines Mathematics and Probability could have been separated as both have equal importance. The book addresses each problem an interviewee may face and gives relevant solutions. Additionally, the book answers almost all the questions that an interviewer may ask. Reading this book is important as it prepares you for interviews, but your effort is important.

The Google Resume: How To Prepare For A Career And Land A Job At Apple, Microsoft, Google, Or Any Top Tech Company

The resume gives the first impression of a job aspirant. Writing a good resume is the first step towards winning the right job. The book provides a step by step guide at building a great resume. It is a must-read book for students who want to know what courses they have to pursue getting their dream job. The book explains why the submission of resume online is not the right option.

A technical resume has to be built using some methodologies which are explained in this book. It gives a good idea about how to prepare for a coding interview. The book has a ‘must know’ chapter which guides about programming interviews. Chapter 10 of the book explains the opportunities in the gaming industry. It is a highly recommended book for those who need help in selecting a job, also for fresh graduates.

Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets To Landing Your Next Job

This is a top recommended book as it gives tips about completing the job application. The book presents different scenarios possible during an interview and the best solutions for the same are also described. The book also contains tips about approaching an interviewer with confidence. The answers provided in the books are from different angles which the best thing about the book. The book mainly focuses on basic CS algorithms but also has a non-technical section. The book provides coverage of CS101 concepts and helps in getting prepared for a technical interview. This is a must-read book for those who are planning to attend coding-related interviews. It helps the interviewee prepare well for the interviews.

Barring a few grammatical mistakes, the book is informative and innovative. The book also sheds light on the ways of finding the right kind of programming job. This is hence a top recommended book for those who are intending to take up a job in the software industry, especially in programming and developing areas. The book is helpful for professionals who are planning to come back into the software field after a gap.

Algorithms For Interviews

The book focuses on problems that may be put forth by the interviewer and the ways of solving them. It also concentrates on the most probable questions that may be asked in a technical interview. The book provides more importance to algorithms and probability, while the coverage on the design topic is excellent. The book is for those who have background knowledge about algorithms. It helps in improving problem-solving skills and is a good brain sharpener. The author brilliantly directs the reader towards the solution, without giving the solution directly.

It is a must-read book about coding solutions and provides the interviewee with the ability to face the interview and prepares him by providing information on what to expect in an interview. However, the book could have been more comfortable for the reader if the fonts were bigger. Also, the cartoon images were not impressive. There are some wrong solutions in the books which too.


Technical Interviews these days have changed a lot due to a big volume of filtering required by each company. As an interviewee, all that is required is to convince the recruiters that you are the right person with the appropriate skills and attitude for the job in the time given to you. Therefore, being prepared is the only way to get success. I wish you the best for the next great Job!

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