9 Excellent Free Open Source Java Chart Libraries

List of Java Charting Libraries
Java offers immense flexibilities in running a number of web applications independent of the running platform and computer architecture. The two and three-dimensional representations through different types of bar graphs provided by Java have enhanced its popularity since its release.

In recent years, Java libraries are being used less for web-based reporting since there are really powerful jQuery and JavaScript charting libraries available for client-side rendering.

However, even now Java software is still run on millions of computers as the Java Charting Library offers varied interesting features to the users and web developers. The users can embed stunning 2D and 3D representations in the web through different types of graphs and charts imported from the Java charting library.


This open source Java charting library offers users the maximum alternatives to represent their complex data in a simplified manner. It enables the extensive use of X-Y charts, Pie charts, Bar graphs, Gantt charts, Pareto charts, combination charts, wafer map charts and other special types of charts.

In a nutshell, JFreeChart is a comprehensive charting package providing maximum charting options to the users. Axis, legends, and scales are automatically drawn and, the user can also place various markers on the plotted chart. The charts can be zoomed for a better view and can be regularly updated by the attendants of the Java charting library. The user can download the developer’s guide and follow the applications accordingly.


This is another promising Java Charting library next to the JFree Chart. This charting library occupies very little disk space about less than 100kb and is very useful for designing charts based on scientific data.

The flexibility of JCC Kit enables easy writing of applet programs that presents data on the web page without any prior knowledge of Java programming language. Automatic rescaling, creating legends and up gradation is possible with JCC Kit Charting library.


This Java charting is very useful and simplifies the interface for plotting 2-D charts. Following the basics of JOpenChart library, OpenChart2 offers a variety of charting features including advanced forms of bar graphs, pie charts and scatter plots.


This open-source charting facility is very useful to display different types of charts through JSP’s, Servlet and Swing apps. The developer can download any Servlet container and follow the examples of jCharts.

GRAL Graphing Library

This Java Graphing Library enables high-quality plotting and charting. It can also import data from texts, audios, and videos and the plots can be produced in JPEG, EPS, PDF, PNG and SVG files. Users can also use GRAL for different types of data processing and this library also provides a Java Swing interface.


This lightweight charts and graphs Java API enables to create charts programmatically using Google chart tools. It can be integrated into any web application or Swing, JSP, Servlet or GWT.


This charting library is meant for representing engineering data demanding high precision than colorful presentations. JChart2D, a Java component displays dynamic 2D charts offering automatic labeling scaling.

Users carrying basic knowledge of Java Swing and AWT can use it to the best possible limit. It is preferred over JFreeChart due to its dynamic feature.


This is another open source tool meant for generating reports or it can be assigned as Java Report Generator. It provides an on-screen print preview based on data via Java Swing’s Table Model Interface, and reports can either be generated from the printer or can be exported to various formats like PDF, XLS, HTML and many more.


In designing simple three-dimensional charts like bar graphs and scatter plots, Jzy3D graphing library is very handy. This charting library is also useful in creating 2D graphs and plots. There are also provisions to add color maps and different contours beside 3D charts. Jzy3D also enables a wide range of customization through various layout tools.


This useful open source Java reporting tool helps in delivering rich content on the screen or exporting to HTML, PDF, XML, XLS and CSV files and printer. This 100% Java-based program finds extensive use in various Web and Java applications (JEE) that produce dynamic content. The user can generate reports instantly in the most simplified manner and get them printed.

Different types of projects and jobs need different projections and representations, and Java charting library offers a number of charting tools to represent their data in an understandable manner. All of these charting applications are open source software and can be downloaded for free.

Hope you found this list useful. What java libraries do you use for creating reports and charts?

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